60" OMP Yak 55M Electric Airframe (White Scheme)

60" OMP Yak 55M Electric Airframe (Yellow Scheme)

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The 60" Electric Yak 55M is a state of the art all out 3D machine!  The Yak 55M can do any 3D maneuver you can think of plus many more you make up!  The OMP Yak 55M comes with carbon fiber main and tail wheel landing gear assemblies, wing tube, and battery tray.  The plane is also covered in Ultracote in 2 different color schemes.

Check out these features: 

  • Carbon Fiber Wing Tube
  • Carbon Fiber Main Landing Gear
  • Carbon Fiber Tail Wheel Assembly
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced Fuselage
  • Carbon Fiber Battery Tray
  • Side Force Generators
  • Matching Spinner
  • Advanced Ball Links and Pushrods
  • Extra Ultracote Covering for Repairs
  • Complete Hardware Package

Click here for PDF of the 60" Yak 55M Manual

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