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iCharger 106B+ 250W 10A 6S Balance Charger

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iCharger 106B+ 250W 10A 6S Balance Charger

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Product Review (submitted on October 8, 2013):
I picked this up to compliment my workhorse iCharger 3010B. I often go through a dozen or more 1S batteries in my Nano QX or home built frankenquads, so having a second charger to help keep those batteries ready for flight ops is great. The small size makes taking this out in the field easier also. The downside of parallel charging so many 1S cells is sometimes the 10 amp limit can be a bit low for my needs...but I suspect not many people need to charge twenty 500 and 600 mah cells at one time! My fault for not getting a 206B.

My only complaint is the internal voltmeter and displayed voltage is low by ~0.05v as compared to my 3010B and my variety of multimeters. This results in my 1S cells not getting a full charge as it stops @ about 4.15v...but when balance charging larger cells it reaches the correct total and per cell VDC...but displays a high voltage.
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