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EP Buddy 1800W 75A 25V Server Power Supply

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EP Buddy 1800W 75A 25V Server Power Supply

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Product Review (submitted on October 6, 2013):
I bought this power supply to match new iCharger 308Duo. This initial search located more or less three options to match voltage and power requirement: Junsi, new SkyRC (with APFC and output voltage to 30V) and modified server power supplies. I liked the idea of having relatively small unit like Junsi/SkyRC but considering how much power has to be handled by the PS at full load decided to go for modified server PS. Server PSs have economies of scale and long experience selecting components and design. I felt that it is much more likely I would have a reliable unit that would last for a long time. It is somewhat bulky and noisy but withing acceptable range for me. If I do not use a lot of power I turn on only one PS, which reduces noise somewhat. Fans are not thermo controlled so spin at full speed, even when sitting idle.

If cost is concern it is an option that is hard to beat. Even if price is irrelevant I would consider buying this PS, since my expectation of higher quality and better design. If you commonly carry PS and do not want to have large/heavy unit or try to minimize noise you should look for other options. If PS is stationary, noise is not big concern and power requirements are around 1KVA/24V it is excellent, cost efficient option.
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