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Micro ParaBoard - PH3 for UMX and 130X

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Micro ParaBoard - PH3 for UMX and 130X

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Product Review (submitted on May 29, 2013):
I received two of these now (one was a replacement) and had the same problem with both. The circuit for cell 2 reads a very high internal resistance on all batteries. It also reads the voltage in the cell inaccurately, causing balance errors.

I know that the issue is the Paraboard, because I gutted it and made my own parallel charge cable, and it works fine. I think the problem is in the resettable fuse, but I don't know.

I have always had good experiences with epbuddy.com, but not this time. I tried to contact their customer support and never received a reply. They did replace my Paraboard when I returned it without an RMA, but it would have been nice to interact with someone. To be fair, Dale was in China at the time, but it is still poor customer service.

David, I am really sorry for the troubles. I had some difficulties in accessing customer's emails when I was traveling in China for our business. The Email server was blocked in some regions in the country. I didn't realized the problem after I was there. Presently we have brought an experienced RC pilot Gary on board to help our customers. If you have any question please call the phone number on the top of the page.
The fuses on the board can lead to incorrect reading of battery IR, but will not affect the final cutoff voltage of all the cells. We have tested many different batteries with different boards, and all the batteries showed correct voltage after fully charged. This situation is similar to charge batteries of cells with different IR values.
We have designed a new board that solves the problem. All the cells are showing the same IR numbers. Because of the polyfuses on the board, the IR reading on a charger will be the sum of both batteries and polyfuses. However, this higher value will not affect the cutoff voltage.
Thank you!
-----Posted by Dale.
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