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Mean Well SE-1500-24 1500W 24V 63A Power Supply

Mean Well SE-1500-24 1500W 24V 63A Power Supply

Mean Well SE-1000-24 1000W 24V 47A Power Supply_On Sale!

Mean Well SE-1000-24 1000W 24V 47A Power Supply_On Sale!

Modified Mean Well NES-350-15 350W 15V 23.2A Power Supply

100% of 100
Plug and play, 350W, 15V DC 23.2A output, worldwide AC input, 84% efficient. 2 year manufacturer warranty handled by EP Buddy.
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Mean Well Enterprises Co., Ltd. is one of the few leading switching power supply manufacturers based in Taiwan. Established in 1982, it gained ISO-9001 certification in 1994. For more information about Mean Well and the power supply, please visit their website www.meanwell.com. To download technique data sheet of this power supply from Mean Well, please click here.

This is a plug-and-play 350W switching power supply, modified from high quality Mean Well S-350-15. The output DC voltage of the unit can be adjusted in a range of 13.5-18.0V, ideal for chargers that require a minimum voltage above 15V to work at their full powers, such as iCharger 1010B+, 206B, and 208B.

Mean Well power supplies are manufactured by a world-leading company in the industry, instead of those small RC product factories. Mean Well power supplies have been widely used in industries, including some critical applications, such as aerospace engineering plants in the USA.

We have sold hundreds Mean Well products so far. Not a single product has been reported any problem up to date. However, the original Mean Well products are designed for industrial applications, and therefore not user-friendly at all.

To make the product easy to use, we did several modifications to the original designs. We have removed the exposed electric mounts, and added a face plate with a switch and two set 4mm bullet connector sockets. An AC cable is also connected to the back of the units. Four rubber foot pads have been mounted to the bottom for better circulation and protection.

AC input range selectable by switch Protections: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage/
Over temperature
Forced air cooling by built-in DC fan
Withstand 300vac surge input for 5 second
Built-in cooling Fan ON-OFF control
Built-in constant current limiting circuit
100% full load burn-in test
LED indicator for power on
Fixed switching frequency at 90KHz
Low cost,high reliability
2 years warranty

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