Revolectrix  Cellpro (JST PA) PowerLab 12

Revolectrix Cellpro (JST PA) PowerLab 12" Extension Cable

PowerLab 6T, Multi-Chemistry, 1000W Battery Workstation

PowerLab 6T, Multi-Chemistry, 1000W Battery Workstation

Revolectrix DCIR Meter

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Revolectrix DCIR Meter
Revolectrix DCIR Meter

Revolectrix DC IR battery meter >> "The Honesty Meter" Within seconds you'll be able to compare the packs you are buying for its True C rating

- Supports up to 6S LiPO battery packs - DC IR measurements up to 2 decimal places (cell & pack) - Independent pack voltage measurement capability - Large built in LCD - XT60 Input - Single balance connector able to run 2S - 6S packs Perfect battery checker to test your packs true capability.

Videos on how to use The Honesty Meter at: Dimensions: 11cmL x 8cmW x 6cmH.

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