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SunnySky V3508-16 KV700 Brushless Motor

SunnySky V3508-16 KV700 Brushless Motor

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SunnySky V3508-16 KV700 Brushless MotorSunnySky V3508-16 KV700 Brushless Motor
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SunnySky V3508-16 KV700 Brushless Motor SunnySky V3508-16 KV700 Brushless Motor SunnySky V3508-16 KV700 Brushless Motor
Sunnysky V series of motors are specially designed power for long-endurance multirotor aircraft. Designing style of the whole series are high efficiency, stable stable structure, light weight, high consistency etc..
These flat V series motors are designed for long flight time multirotors. These motors
can produce enough torque at low RPM and work at peak efficiency during flight.

The whole series uses Sunnysky patented Stepped and knurled design that not only
efficiently prevent motors from getting loose, but also reduce the probability of
malfunction and unstable output power. The whole series use original Japanese EZO
bearings that provide quiet and stable flight in the air.

With the guarantee of strength, the caps of V motors are highly hollow-cutted to save
weight, so that these motors can reach maximum thrust-to-weight ratio and gain more
flight time.

V series motors are tested with the strictest procedures of SunnySky’s QC protocols.
Each of these motors are dynamically balanced with our hightest standard. The axial
and radial runouts of each rotor are tested strictly according to its design. The
difference in performance of each motor is controlled within 3% so that these products
can provide precise and stable power for professional applications..


SunnySky motors sold by Buddy RC are manufactured by using quality materials and built to last. The motors are covered by a two year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
Motor bearings, shafts, and propeller adapters are normal wear parts, and as such, need to be maintained and changed periodically. Therefore these parts are not covered by the two year warranty, nor any subsequent damage caused to the motor or aircraft by these wear parts.
For maximum life, we suggest to install motors and accessories properly, and put a small drop of oil on each bearing every 10 flights. If phenomena of motor vibration, shaking, roughness, or notches in bearings are observed after a period of use, it is suggested to replace motor bearings immediately. It is the responsibility of the pilot to ensure that the bearings are maintained properly and periodically. For the best overall combination of performance, quality, and value, use SunnySky brushless motors in your aircrafts.

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