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SunnySky X2212-6 KV1950 II Brushless Motor

SunnySky X2212-6 KV1950 II Brushless Motor

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SunnySky 2212-6 KV1950 Version II Brushless Motor
SunnySky X2212-6 KV1950 II Brushless MotorSunnySky X2212-6 KV1950 II Brushless Motor
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SunnySky X2212-6 KV1950 II Brushless Motor X22 II series accessories Assembled X22 series motors Assembled X22 series motors

This motor is equivalent to Park 400 size.

SunnySky brushless motors are made of quality components that are normally only seen in high end products, and are designed to give years of high performance. Every motor has been carefully balanced and tested in the factory.

All SunnySky motors are covered by two year limited warranty.

Every motor comes with a cross type mount and a propeller adaptor as shown in the following photos.


Durable Japanese NMB ball bearings

Efficient Japanese Kawasaki stator steels

Rare earth neodymium magnets stable up to 180 OC

Polyesterimide enameled oxygen free copper wires that work up to 180 OC

CNC machined and anodized aluminum case

Laser-engraved motor model and KV number

Soft silicone wire leads

Patented balance techniques


Stator Diameter .......... 22 mm

Stator Height..............12 mm

Outside Diameter ..........28 mm

Body Length ...............28 mm

Shaft Diameter ............3.17 mm

Motor Kv ..................1950 RPM / Volt

Motor Weight ..............56 g

Accesory Weight...........13 g

Comments from Dr Kiwi of RC Groups:

Test data can be found by clicking the link here.

I ran no-loads at 7v, 8v, 10v, and then a series of props at 7v-11v on the PS ranging from 4.1x4.1 APC E up to 6x5.5 APC E. The motor ran impressively smoothly with all these props.

Drive Calc estimated Kv as ~2030Kv (somewhat higher than the spec. of 1950Kv) with an Rm of 0.094 ohms. The critical ??????PM as % of Kv x V????indicated that none of the props I tried unduly over-loaded the motor [all these 4"-6" props delivered >76%].... and in no case did the motor get anywhere near a worrying temperature. The rule of thumb of 3W/g might suggest that 175W might be about the limit for this 58g motor, but experience has led me to believe that high Kv motors spinning small props seem to be able to cope with higher power levels (than low Kv motors with large props). My ??????uesstimate????was 25A for this motor, which is where I drew the line for the various Suppo 2212-6 motors I've tested. I entered my data into DriveCalc to obtain "true Kv", Rm, and efficiency figures. DriveCalc calculated 68% efficiency at 25A.... such an amp draw is close to what my test motor drew with a 6x5.5 APC E. But DriveCalc further suggested that this motor could be pushed far beyond 25A... indeed to 42.5A on 3s... and still deliver 62% efficiency. Looking at my temperature data, I could not imagine 42.5A... maybe 450W.... through a 58g motor.... but I did go the extra yard and set the motor up with a 7x5 APC E on a not fully charged Grayson Hobby 3s 2200 pack. Initially this drew 32.10A @ 10.5v (332W)....yes, I had switched out the Motrolfly 20A ESC for a Markus 45A ESC!.... so then I decided on an extended run to test the waters (and the limits). I was very impressed.... the motor settled to about 31A @ 10.3v at WOT and I simply let it run wide-open for over two minutes... the temperature as recorded by the v3 temperature probe attached to a rear mount screw settled to 40C and stayed that way. After consuming 1191mAh I shut it down... the temperature from my IR Gun pointed at the windings through the front of the motor had reached 64C... the Eagle Tree probe read 40C at the end of the run, and climbed over the next minute or so to a peak of 67C....yes, that's a bit hot, but heck this was a static run with the prop in pusher mode... not much air draft cooling! If your aircraft was flying at or close to the 70mph pitch speed, surely the motor would run a lot cooler. With "RPM as % of Kv" at 69%... this 7x5 APC E is on the limit in terms of over-loading... but appears to be okay for it....any prop drawing 42.5A would surely over-load the system!

All in all, a fairly spectacular performance from this motor (34oz thrust at 68mph from a 58g, <$20 motor)... someone else can push the limits even further to see if DriveCalc predictions (42.5A/450W are at all attainable!).

Cheers, Phil

SunnySky motors sold by Buddy RC are manufactured by using quality materials and built to last. The motors are covered by a two year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
Motor bearings, shafts, and propeller adapters are normal wear parts, and as such, need to be maintained and changed periodically. Therefore these parts are not covered by the two year warranty, nor any subsequent damage caused to the motor or aircraft by these wear parts.
For maximum life, we suggest to install motors and accessories properly, and put a small drop of oil on each bearing every 10 flights. If phenomena of motor vibration, shaking, roughness, or notches in bearings are observed after a period of use, it is suggested to replace motor bearings immediately. It is the responsibility of the pilot to ensure that the bearings are maintained properly and periodically. For the best overall combination of performance, quality, and value, use SunnySky brushless motors in your aircrafts.

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