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X Aircraft 30A Multirotor Brushless ESC

X Aircraft 30A Multirotor Brushless ESC

X Aircraft SuperX Multirotor Controller Standard Version

X Aircraft SuperX multirotor controller standard version for quadrocopters and hexacopters.
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Application class multirotor flight controller ideal for aerial photography and video recording, better materials, workmanship, and software system than common hobby class controllers. Click here to read the product review on RC Groups. Please select a correct version according to your system: Basic version supports only quadrocopters, both cross and X type. Standard version supports quadrocopters and hexacopters. Pro version supports quadrocopters, hexacopters, and octacopters. Enterprise version supports all types of multirotors. Special order only, please contact our customer service for more information. Product highlight: Application class quality: better materials, workmanship, and software system than common hobby class controllers. Ideal for aerial photography and video recording. Easy to Use: Only very few configurations are required before flight. Configurations can be easily done with a green software that is stored in the SuperX controller. The controller works like a normal flash drive when connected to a computer with windows system, no software download nor installation required. Selectable flight Modes: Manual Mode, Attitude Mode, and GPS Attitude Mode. Security: Auto Return to Home and Auto-landing, Hovering functions. Gimbal: Supports Servo Gimbals and Brushless Gimbals. Module Expansion: OSD Module, WiFi Data Transmission Module. Blackbox: Can record up to 40 minutes of flight data, and can share your data with friends. Full Aluminum Case: CNC cutting process, appealing appearance, and reliable quality. Introduction X Aircraft SuperX is an application level flight controller designed specially for aerial photography and video recording, The product adopts industrial-grade gyros and GPS module, not cheaper parts seen in other hobby class flight controllers. It is reliable, easy and simple to fly after a few settings. In addition to all the common functions found also in other brand controllers, SuperX can record the latest 40 minutes flight data with the help of a flight-data recording module (blackbox) inside. It also ensures the stability and reliability of the system with the power management module (PMU) inside. X Aircraft SuperX has four versions: basic, standard, professional and the enterprise version. The hardware of these four versions is exactly the same and the only difference lies in the firmware. Therefore, upgrading the corresponding firmware can upgrade a lower version SuperX to a higher one without changing any hardware. Each version of the SuperX has the module expandability, which can extend to the relevant modules such as OSD, brushless gimbal and ground station. About temperature compensation of SuperX controller This is a function that is typically missing in hobby class flight controllers. The accuracy of a flight controller is related to the environment temperature. To eliminate the temperature effect, SuperX controller is working under constant 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) with an integrated thermostatic unit. If the environment temperature is lower than -5 degrees Celsius (23 degrees Fahrenheit), the controller will start to work until the thermostatic unit raises internal temperature to working condition. weight: 205g, including all cables and a accessories.
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