ZTW Beast SL 45A 1:10/1:12 Brushless Car ESC

ZTW Beast SL 45A 1:10/1:12 Brushless Car ESC

ZTW Beast SS 120A 1S Brushless ESC

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ZTW Beast SS 120A 1S Brushless ESC
ZTW Beast SS 120A 1S Brushless ESC

ZTW Beast 120A TURBO 1S 1/12 and 1/10 sensored brushless car ESC is a pro-level product featuring metallic plastic case incorporates alloy heat-sink (with a fan) for the Mosfets, neat terminal cups for both the battery input and ESC output cables. The ESC software has a large number of user programmable settings such as, initial brake, drag brake, boost timing RPM, boost timing, Turbo timing, Turbo delay, Turbo ramp, boost acceleration. The Turbo function is fully user programmable, you can set the delay from full throttle, the ramp step, and the rpm range. All this helps to fine tune the " boost" effect. You can set the timing boost, it enables you to dial in the degree of timing boost as well as select the rpm range you want the boost to take effect. All in all, this ESC can be customized in nearly every way you could ever need for 1/12 or 1/10 scale on or off road racing! This ESC is primarily born for race vehicles. So what is Turbo exactly? Well simply put - Turbo is a short duration burst of top end motor RPM and power - best used sparingly, it is similar in effect to KERS on the current Formula 1 cars!

1. Support high up to 100,000RPM motor
2. Super fine motor timing tuning
3. Update firmware online with PC
4. You can check temperature, voltage, RPM with PC and LCD
5. You can program your throttle curve, brake strength, boost and acceleration with your PC.
6. Flash with 10 groups of optimized settings to for different applications. Specifications Length 43mm Width 31mm Height 25mm Weight 75g Technical Specifications: Continuous Current 120A Burst Current 760A Resistance 0.0003ohm Suitable Car 1:10 on/off road cars and truck, SCT Motor Sensored and sensorless Motor Battery 2-6s Lipo/5-18s NiMH/NiCd BEC Output 6.0V, 8.4V/3A

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