SPC maker 100sp Frsky Version _ On Sale!

SPC maker 100sp Frsky Version _ On Sale!

GoFly RC Falcon CP90 Pro BNF Quad  Blue

GoFly RC Falcon CP90 Pro BNF Quad Blue

Buddy RC Magnet Stretch 3” FPV Racing Drone Designed by Detroit Multirotors

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Buddy RC Magnet Stretch 3” FPV Racing Drone Designed by Detroit Multirotors
Buddy RC Magnet Stretch 3” FPV Racing Drone Designed by Detroit Multirotors

**Update 11/16** The DSM Version will not have a receiver installed, we will supply 1 battery and a DSM receiver with the DSM Version.

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Buddy RC is proud to introduce our receiver ready Magnet Stretch 3” FPV racing drone to the community. This fast indoor/outdoor quad is designed by the highly respected Detroit Multirotor Company from Michigan. DMR has been well known for designing durable and fast racing quads among FPV racing community. The Magnet Stretch 3” quad is a version designed especially for Buddy RC by DMR. The frame has been proven a great success by our pilots in many regional racing events. This quad is built with premium components from suppliers that have established long term and great relationship with Buddy RC: Team Black Sheep, RunCam, Spedix, SunnySky, Tattu/Gens ace, GoFly.

Here are the features of the quad:

● Designed by racers for racers, can be used for beginners as well as experts with different configurations. ● The design has been proven successful in many FPV racing events. ● Frame is designed and developed in the USA by Detroit Multirotor Company, the leading designer in FPV racing quads. ● Composed of premium electronics and high quality parts. ● Optimized flight characteristics, more agile in turns and banks, stable, and easy to control.

This quad is composed of the following premium components:

● Frame made of 4K Japanese carbon fiber plates. ● Omnibus F4 32 bit flight controller with built-in OSD, configurable in BetaFight. ● Spedix 32bit 4 in 1 ESC up to 25A continuous current, flashed with BLHeli_S program, Dshot 1200 and turtle mode supported. ● SunnySky Edge Racing 1106 5500KV brushless motor runs up to 4S LiPo and 3" propellers. ● Gemfan Flash 2540 3 blade propellers, two sets are included in the package. ● RunCam Micro Swift Camera, with the Sony CCD sensor capturing sharp, vivid, and wide dynamic range video. ● Team Black Sheep Unify Pro HV race edition video transmitter, 40 channels, pit mode, smart audio functions. 25 and 200mW available for US version, 25mW for European version. ● Powered by Tattu 75C 450mAh 3S LiPo battery for general flight. One pack included in the package (Batteries may not be available in some countries due to shipping regulations)

Power Recommendations: ● Beginner flights - 2S 800mAh LiPo, 2540 3 blade propellers. ● Intermediate and indoor flights - 3S 450mAh LiPo, 2540 3 bade propellers. ● Expert and outdoor flights - 4S 450mAh LiPo, 3 inch propellers. ● Exceeding more than 4S or 3 inch propellers of high pitch can add extreme load to the power system causing component failure, and will not be covered by warranty.

You can fly this quad in the free Real Drone Simulator: ● Real Drone Simulator can be downloaded from www.realdronesimulator.com

Reminders for the current batch of product: Every single product was assembled and tested by GoFly RC in the factory. This batch is receiver ready. It means all components are assembled except for radio receiver. Two versions are available: DSMX Receiver or Frsky XM+ Receiver installed. Due to limited availability of Tattu batteries, this batch of product will be shipped with one Tattu and one Glacier LiPo pack.

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