OMPHobby ZMO VTOL Airplane HV LiPo Battery 5100mAh 15.4V 4S


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Matthew K.

Wow in all my years dealing with all things under the sun from the Federal government to the local 7/11 owner to Buger King drive thru. Never have I been so completely and utterly disappointed but a company's unbelievable lack of customer service. I am so disappointed. I had wanted to purchase another omp Hobby Zmo with the Mk 15 controller from your company also I had wanted to send my current Zmo vtol back and have it changed from dji to mk15. I wanted to talk to some one about weather the mk 15 controller and base station can be combined with any fpv goggles on the market. Plus a number of other things. Like I stated in my last email we had high plans to use the zmo for the possible treatment of ptsd for our many veterans suffering. We as a nation owe our veterans any and all help we can give. 23 veterans a day lose there battle with ptsd and forfeit there lives. Your staff at could have helped us save countless veterans and maybe help treat some of the underlying symptoms of ptsd. But your actions speak volumes about what your company thinks and Veterans. I will be leaving a review on your company website. Never have I asked for anything for free I enfact paid over the listed price. Thank you for your time.

Steve B.

Went above and beyond to see to it I got what I want

J. M.
Perfect replacement

So far the battery is working great. Cells are balanced and I get over 25 minutes of flight time and still have 24% capacity remaining.

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OMPHobby ZMO VTOL Airplane HV LiPo Battery 5100mAh 15.4V 4S

Weight: ~410g
Dimensions: 90x65x35mm
Connector: XT60

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