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iCharger 308 Duo Manual

This dual port charger equipped with a color LCD screen can charge different batteries up to 30A in asynchronous mode or up to 50A in synchronous mode. The iCharger 308 Duo is the downsized sibling of the popular and extremely powerful iCharger 4010 Duo. Instead of charging 10S batteries up to 40A, the iCharger 308 Duo can handle up to 8 cell LiPo packs up to 30A. These two chargers share the same operation interface and functions, including battery internal resistance measurement, servo tests, and pulse tests. The charge and discharge data can be stored in a micro SD card and read using Logview on a PC. Boasting a power output capacity of 1300W and 30A with dual ports, the iCharger 308B maintains iCharger's outstanding reputation for manufacturing compact and powerful charging stations.

This charger MUST be used with a stable power supply. Avoid use with an automobile or multiple server power supplies in a series. 
These chargers will arrive with a very thin but effective protective cover on the screen. If your screen appears scratched upon arrival, use either a fingernail or a precision knife to carefully peel off the protective layer from the side of the screen. 

Why choose iCharger?
With the best power-to-cost ratio on the market, iChargers are immensely powerful but also compact and convenient. iChargers feature accurate cutoff voltage, rapid balancing speed, and compatibility with almost all types of batteries used in RC hobbies. Various versatile functions and extra features are also available, providing an adaptable and flexible platform for all your hobby needs. They're also easier to operate than our competitors' products, further enhanced by our excellent technical support. It should come as no surprise, then, that iChargers have become a favorite among hardcore RC hobbyists over the years.

Why buy from Buddy RC?
As an authorized iCharger USA distributor and one of the first American iCharger dealers, having served iCharger users since 2009, we offer the best prices and the most reliable services available. While our prices may appear to be the same or higher than other dealers at first glance, we offer various other types of discounts such as free adapter boards and ParaBoards as well as free shipping to customers in the USA. We provide excellent customer service and technical support over phone and e-mail. Because we also personally love and use iChargers all the time, we thoroughly understand the workings of the chargers and can easily assist you with any questions or concerns. The warranty is non-transferable and is handled by Buddy RC in Columbus, Ohio, USA. You'll never have to hassle with overseas manufacturers or dealers. 

Maximum charge power:
1300W in total, or maximum 800W per channel.
Charge current: 50mA-30A per channel, or up to 50A in synchronous mode.
Discharge power: 80W per channel, or 120W in synchronous mode.
Maximum regenerative discharge: 800W per channel, or 1300W in synchronous mode.
Maximum external discharge power capacity: 1050W per channel, or 2100W in synchronous mode.
Balance bleeding current: 1.2A per channel, or 2.4A in synchronous mode.
Voltage readout resolution: 1mV (0.001V).
Internal resistance readout resolution: 0.1.
Ohm Balance accuracy: 10mV.
PC Connectivity: USB port Dimensions: 171 x 118 x 59 mm.
Net Weight: 910g
One-year manufacturer warranty handled by Buddy RC, a major iCharger distributor since 2009.

Extra functions: 

  • Battery internal resistance measurements
  • Servo test
  • Pulse test
  • Store and read data from micro SD (TF) cards

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iCharger 308 Duo 1300W 30A 8S Dual Port Charger

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Kevin i.V.
Amazing Charger, needed items missing and not explained in the description.

Amazing powerful charger, just the upgrade I needed over my old trusted icharger 206B.
Wonderful staff, very helpful and knowledgeable.
They will also build you almost any cables you need if you ask, for reasonable fees.
It can be very tough to get them on the phone, especially around Nov-Dec shopping season, they are very busy selling things and doing work, thank you for that!

However, I feel some VERY IMPORTANT things are missing in the description for this icharger 308 Duo (and the 4010 Duo) that should be added in bold text, like the below details, and recommended additional items.

1) This charger comes pre wired with an EC5 on 10AWG wire for your power supply!
Older ichargers, like my trusty 206B, had banana plugs, and removeable alligator clips, going to your power supply, this works with almost anything, and was perfect right out of the box!
This charger does include a separate EC5 to bare wire on 10AWG wire, so you can add your own banana plugs, alligator clips, or if you use some other weird connector for your power supply (never seen anyone do that) Then you connect this EC5 to the ichargers EC5.
icharger should make it like the old ones, with banana plugs and removeable alligator clips, or at least include the above wire for the majority of us that use that, and keep the EC5 to bare wire for those who want to add their own weird plug to their power supply.

Balance cables are size specific, you can NOT plug a 6s balance cable into an 8s port, they don't fit!
You HAVE to buy Buddy RC's 6s to 8s balance cables!

Link for their 6s to 8s cable > https://www.buddyrc.com/collections/balance-cables/products/paraboard-balance-cable-8s-for-208b?variant=30735566831702
Link for their 6s to 10s cable for the 4010 Duo > https://www.buddyrc.com/collections/balance-cables/products/paraboard-balance-cable-10s-for-1010b-3010b-4010-duo?variant=30735566864470


I now have my charger, and can not even charge a single battery with it until my 6s to 8s balance cables get here that I just ordered separately!

Side note: My icharger 308 Duo seems to work fine so far, but out of the box smells to high heavens of burnt electronics!
Maybe that is normal?
I don't recall my 206B from you smelling like this......
Just letting you know guys.

So far that is my initial review, may add more later.

William C.

Great charger!!!

John F.

This is my second 308 charger, and i love it. In my opinion the best on the market. Fast shipping at a great price. I will continue to buy from Buddy RC

Great so far.

Only had the 308 Duo for a few days but have been happy with it so far. I've used ichargers for years and have always appreciated the quality. Stepping up from 106B and 208B. Enjoying the dual ports, the color info screen, and the increased discharge capacity.

Huey N.
Great Charger! Easy to use.

I'm so glad that I finally made the decision to switch to this charger from a Hitec X4. Great user interface, simple button design, and a perfect combination with the V3 paraboards. I use 2 paraboards on each port which can charge and balance 16 of my 3s 2100mah lipos in less than 1hr @ 1C. The amount of time saved is priceless. Less time charging and more flying time at the field!

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