Great Power Model Engine company is a professional R/C giant scale aircraft engine manufacturer, located in Kaohsiung in the south of Taiwan. Kaohsiung is famous for its varied manufacturing companies, it is world renowned for manufacture of engine parts for small capacity motor bikes and racing engines. The goal of our company is to offer fabulous engines for our customers with great power, great capability and great customer service!

The Founders of GP engine was Masa Lin and Fergus Lin, this father and son combination have won innumerable R/C airplane competition over the past two decades in Asia.With the combined knowledge and experience of pilot and engineer, we created the GP engine. In other word, the GP engine was design by pilots, built by pilots to meet the requirements of all completion pilots around the world, therefore, we know exactly what pilot need. We put ourselves in the pilot’s shoes to offer the engine with world-class quality & very competitive pricing.

We care about every detail of our products, all the components of GP engines are made in Taiwan, such as piston, ring, crankshaft and cylinder manufacturers who are experienced in building two-stroke engine, and put a lot of innovation and know how into our products, they are also the manufacturers for world-class companies, for instance, Rotax, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and others…That is the reason why our products have such great capability.

GP engine Company was inaugurated in 2010 and engines have been available to customers since 2012, during the past 5 years, we continued to test and develop the engines, we test and fly everyday to ensure we find any short coming in the design of the engine, this process keeps enhancing our knowledge and quality of our two-stroke engines. Therefore, we can assuredly say that, our engines are one of the best in the world.

Believe in GP engines for your flying future and development. From now on, let them carry your dreams into the sky and beat the competition!

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