Lemon Rx 7 Channel Full-Range Telemetry With Diversity Receiver Vario & Altitude Included Energy Meter Optional

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Marion K.
Buddy RC Service

All good. Good product, good price, good service.

hezekiah r.
Lemon rx 7 channel

It works great in my planes at an affordable price. As always fast shipping from buddy rc!

Lemon Rx 7 Channel Full-Range Telemetry With Diversity Receiver Vario & Altitude

Works very well on my Motorized RC glider. I get great range and enjoy the telemetry and altimeter.

Larry E.
Lemon 52U receiver

Installed in glider, works great, good range, vario and altitude is great to have. Does what I wanted

John W.
Fast service

My order was shipped in less than an hour and arrived a few days later. BuddyRC is now my preferred source for Lemon receivers.


The Lemon RX 7 channel receiver LM0052U is a cost-effective version of the LM0052 model, which includes a variometer, altitude, temperature, and pre-calibrated voltage probe. However, the energy meter (mAh, V, Current) is optional. This telemetry-capable receiver offers all major telemetry parameters in a compact package. It is the world's smallest, true full-range telemetry system with built-in sensors and a diversity receiver, all in the smallest possible package. To activate the energy meter (mAh, current measurement), the user will need to purchase the optional current sensor available under accessories and perform a one-time calibration.

Key features of this receiver include a very high accuracy barometer that provides altitude and variometer information, a true full-range diversity telemetry system that offers real-time plane information as far as you can fly your plane with any DSMX or DSM2 compatible transmitter, and an energy metering system (mAh, V, Current) included with the provided V/I sensing unit. Additionally, it offers a 2-stage failsafe best suited for gasoline/electric applications, selectable failsafe for pre-defined positions as throttle only or all channel failsafe in the event of signal absence, and a diversity extended antenna receiver with state-of-the-art RF circuit that provides unmatched reception performance. The receiver also offers real-time RSSI output as an analog voltage or displayed on transmitter A parameter. Gliders can use the included wiring for battery voltage sensing only if the energy metering system is not required, for absolute weight reduction. An optional diversity satellite can be used to provide a total of 4 receiving antennas.

The LM0052's outstanding telemetry range has been tested with Spektrum and Orange telemetry-capable receivers as a basic performance benchmark. Please note that, for fairness of this testing, as the other receivers may not contain a diversity antenna like the LM0052, the setup is performed such that diversity will have no advantage of any range improvement during this test.

Telemetry reporting available with the purchased package includes the following sensors/interface: altitude, variometer, pre-calibrated battery voltage probe, receiver voltage, temperature (internal automatically selected when the included external temperature probe is not used), RSSI out (3V to 0V), and displayed on transmitter A parameter. The optional energy meter can be purchased under accessories, which requires a one-time user calibration (mAh consumed, Current).

The comparison of Lemon Rx full-range telemetry capable diversity receivers shows that for the LM0051U, LM0052U, and LM0041, a V/I sensor may need to be purchased separately if mAh consumed/current measurement is required.

For calibration of the V/I sensor, a pre-calibrated voltage probe is included, and the optional energy meter can be purchased separately under accessories with a one-time user calibration.

To set failsafe, follow these steps: Insert the bind plug, provide power to the unit and bind the unit, but do not remove the bind plug. Set your transmitter to the preferred position as failsafe default output and hold it to this position. Press the button briefly, and the green light will indicate the following status while you maintain your preferred position of the channel: no pulse to servo with the absence of correct reception (green LED status - none); throttle-only preset (green LED status - flashing); all-channel preset (green LED status - solid). Then, remove the bind plug, turn off the transmitter while power is still provided to the receiver, and observe the failsafe status when no transmitter signal is present to the receiver. Please be careful that your propeller may turn if you set the throttle channel above 0% in the event of signal losses. 

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