OMP Hobby M2 RC Helicopter V2 Version OMPHobby M2 V2 Heli

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kenneth d.
Best Little Heli!

Years ago I said i would never get a small heli again for many reasons. Decided to try the M2 because of the good reviews. It is the best fling heli I own and it can touch the ground and go again.

OMP has great service!

OMP Hobbys are one of the few RC hobby on-line stores that actually answer the phone with a real person, and are willing to assist you with your purchase, and any questions you may have. The M2 V2 helicopter exceeded my expectations in quality and packing. My only disappointment was the DSMX port on the flight controller only supported the old 3 wire port receivers, not the new Spektrum SRXL2 4 wire port satellite receivers. OMP does sell the after-market Kensun satellite receiver with diversity antennas and a bind button for a reasonable price. I would definitely recommend this little helicopter.

Ronald K.
Ron M2

Could not have gone any better!! 1st purchase but not the last.
Thank you Buddy RC

mark m.
Omp m2v2

I have had this for several weeks now and flown about 20 flights on it . I have been trying to adjust the flight controller to where it felt “right” and really was not having any luck . Until today , I read on rc groups the problem is the flight controller has a lot of expo programmed into it so I put all the settings back to base and put -20 expo on my raido for elevator,rudder and aileron and that totally changed the way it flys . Now it reacts when I tell it to and it just feels better . It’s a great heli and I’m glad I bought it.

Robert D.

OMP Hobby M2 RC Helicopter V2 Version OMPHobby M2 V2 Heli

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The canopy has been changed to a high strength poly blend (plastic) due to sourcing of the fiberglass canopies delaying production.

Click here to download product manual.

Click here to download flight controller manual.

Setup on a Spektrum Transmitter:

Setup on OpenTX - Radiomaster TX16s :

How to adjust the Flight Controller :

 Setup on a Spektrum Transmitter:


RC model helicopters are not toys. These products are intended for use only by operation experienced users or adults with assembly, setup, commissioning, flying at a legal and approved flying field/area. This product is not suitable for children or those who have no experience in remote control helicopters. Inexperienced users must purchase/operate under professional guidance.

RC helicopters require a certain degree of skills to operate and maintain, and is a consumer item. Improper use of this product can result in serious injury or even death. Improper care and knowledge when repairing or disassembling this product can cause further failure of the product in different situations.  Any damage or dissatisfaction as a result of accidents, repairs, or modifications are not covered by any warranty and cannot be returned for further repair or replacement. As OMPHOBBY (Zhuhai Edge Smart Technology Co., Ltd), its commercial partner, agent, and distributor is not responsible for over using, improper setup and assembly, abnormal loss of spare parts, modification or misuse. 

Inexperienced users shall not operate this product, without direct assistance and guidance from an experienced RC helicopter pilot. Meanwhile, the user must operate in legal remote control model flying field, pay attention to the personal safety of himself and others, and strictly abide by relevant national and local laws and regulations.

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