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J. M.
Love this plane

I just did a couple of take-offs and landings. The first time I just hovered and moved it around checking to see how it yawed and moved in other directions. This is a fairly tame Tri-copter in hover mode. The next two times I took off I went into forward flight. The transition to forward flight is very smooth with little to no loss of altitude. When I transitioned I had the throttle at 1/2 or a little less. At less than 1/2 throttle she cruises along at a respectable speed and maintains altitude. When turning it will bank quite steeply (40 -45 degrees?), but does not seem to lower its nose. This is one of the most well behaved planes I have ever flown. Flies like it is on rails.

When I put it into RTH it banked steeply and started toward home. When it was maybe 50 to 70 feet away from the Home point it went into Hover mode and positioned itself pretty close to the Home point and then very slowly started to land. I then flipped the switch to put it in Hover Mode, then took it out of RTH and took over control and landed it. After those two very successful flights I have a very BIG SMILE on my face. I am really looking forward to putting a lot of flights on this plane.

This is not only a fantastic and great flying plane, but it is a very well thought out and designed RC plane. I was not very comfortable with spending $899 on a foam plane, but this one is worth it. It looks like they used quality material and components for this plane. I hope it lasts a long time, because now I am going to have to get at least two more batteries for it. LOL

Thank you for the great review we really appreciate it. Stay tuned for more awesome OMP Hobby products.

John F.
Above and beyond

After having some issues with my initial hardware, BuddyRC took the extra steps to work with the manufacturer to find a fix for the issue. Great customer support guys!

Christian a.m.

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OMP Hobby ZMO vertical take off and landing (VTOL) airplane, great for FPV hobby and professional UAV applications.

The airplane is already assembled and test flew in the factory.

ARF combo: including ZMO Frame, flight control, ESCs, motors, propellers, charger, battery, carrying case. A radio transmitter is required to fly, with FPV video system optional.
BNF combo: ARF combo with Caddx/DJI camera and air unit.
BNF & Radio combo: BNF combo with DJI radio transmitter, no goggle included.
BNF & Goggle combo: BNF comb with DJI goggle, no radio included.
RTF combo: BNF combo with DJI radio transmitter and DJI goggle.

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