STRIX Nano Goblin - High Performance FPV Plank - PNP

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The Nano Goblin: The Ultimate Mini FPV Plane

In a market where fixed-wing FPV designs often come with compromises, STRIX RC breaks the mold with the Nano Goblin. This aircraft is designed without flaws, achieving the perfect balance of stability, speed, efficiency, and durability.

Extraordinarily Efficient - Out of the box flight times over 60 minutes are possible with the Nano Goblin's lightweight design, and the STRIX Stix 3200mAH Li-ion battery can extend flight times to as much as 92 minutes and 40.2 miles of flight time and distance.

250 Grams - The Nano Goblin weighs only 230g with battery and an all-in-one camera, leaving room for more equipment before it exceeds the 250g weight limit.

Ready to Fly - The Nano Goblin comes completely built, right out of the box. Simply add your receiver, charge up your battery, and complete your pre-flight check before you toss it in the air for the maiden flight. The box includes a handle and extra internal compartments for safe travel.

Non-Intimidating - The Nano Goblin cruises at practically a whisper, making it ideal for flying in residential areas. It can also be easily launched with a light, discus-style toss.

Tenacity - The Nano Goblin's EPP construction makes it highly durable, with additional carbon fiber in each elevon and the main body for extra support. Take a tube of Welders or Foam-Tac and fly all day with reckless abandon!

Quality Components - The Nano Goblin features the best power system possible, with an upgraded STRIX EMAX 1606 4000kv motor and 20A ESC for efficiency, reliability, and performance.

Unparalleled Flight - Flying the Nano Goblin has been compared to flying a micro fighter jet. It stalls gracefully and rolls on the center axis, turning on itself to avoid obstacles. It remains stable even in less-than-perfect conditions.


  • Wingspan: 580mm
  • Wing Area: ~140" sq
  • Length: 390mm
  • Weight: 200-250g (Ready to fly with FPV and battery)
  • Motor: STRIX EMAX 1606 4000KV
  • ESC: STRIX EMAX 20A with 3A UBEC
  • Servos: STRIX Emax ES9051 Digital
  • Prop: Gemfan Flash 3 Blade 3052 (APC 4.1 x 4.1 can also be used)
  • Battery: Li-ion 2s 3200mAH or Li-Po 1500-1800mAH 2s
  • Top Speed: 60mph on stock propeller or 70mph with APC 4.1x4.1 (2s li-ion, verified by radar on several passes)
  • Flight Time: Varies with battery, but typically 40-50 minutes with Li-ion packs and over 60 minutes with larger batteries.


  • 1x Fully Assembled PNP Nano Goblin
  • 1x CW, 1x CCW Gemfan Flash 3 Blade 3052 Propeller
  • 1x Quick Setup Guide
  • 1x Reusable Box with a Plastic Handle (Fits in an airline overhead and your F-16!)


  • 4-Channel RC Transmitter and Receiver
  • Flight Battery
  • FPV Gear (optional)

The Nano Goblin is the mini FPV plane you've been waiting for. With its extraordinary efficiency, ease of use, durability, and unparalleled flight capabilities, it's sure to become a legend in the world of RC aircraft.

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