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Derek K.
Fun airplane

Easy to assemble setup pretty quick and I was out in about in the great sky’s. Thanks BuddyRC

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Introducing the Nano Talon EVO, the latest version of the incredibly popular park flyer from ZOHD. Three years ago, we set out to create a backpack-friendly FPV plane that could provide hours of fun and be easily transported. Since then, the Nano Talon has exceeded all expectations with thousands of units sold globally, fan clubs, Facebook pages and groups, and epic FPV trips of up to 35km out and back (thanks to Bruno Parini!). The success of the Nano Talon is a testament to our customers' love of the original design, and we're excited to introduce the new and improved version.

The Nano Talon EVO features a crash-resistant EPP molded wing with a built-in carbon fiber spar for added strength, making it light, flexible, and durable. We've changed the straight wing to provide a more stable and agile attitude. We've updated the SunnySky motor with a longer shaft, and the 9g servos are now made of metal gear, replacing the plastic gear. The ESC has been upgraded to a 30A with a 5V 2A Switch BEC, improving the connection for better aileron and tail stability.

The detachable main wing and tail wing make transport a breeze, and the enlarged battery bay now accommodates LiPo batteries from 3S to 4S 1300-2200mAh and Li-Ion 18650 4S1P 3500mAh. The NACA air inlet is bigger and provides more air cooling for the FPV gear inside the fuselage. The fuselage has a texture marked on both sides for a more secure hand launch grip. There is an optional Teflon cover for the fuselage bottom, making it super durable and protecting it from scratches upon landing.

The Nano Talon EVO also features an optional camera bay and camera mount for mapping, making it the perfect tool for aerial surveying. The new full-length carbon fiber spar joins the wings, making them stronger and crash-resistant while also adding stability and stiffness. The plane's mods and strengthening have not sacrificed ease of disassembly; the plane can still be easily disassembled and fit in a mid-size backpack.

The PNP version includes the Nano Talon EVO plane with pre-installed motor, ESC, servos, propeller, and hardware. The FPV READY version includes the Nano Talon EVO plane with pre-installed motor, ESC, servos, propeller, and hardware, as well as the ZOHD Kopilot Lite and ZOHD VC400 All-in-One camera.

Overall, the Nano Talon EVO is the best version of the Nano Talon to date. It's a must-have for Nano Talon fans and a great addition to any FPV pilot's hangar. Keep breaking records with the Nano Talon EVO!


  • Material: Durable EPP
  • Wingspan: 860mm (33.85'')
  • Length: 570mm (22.44in'')
  • Motor: 2204-1870KV (longer shaft)
  • ESC: 30A with 5V 2A Switch BEC
  • Servos: 9g metal gear
  • Propeller: 6x3
  • Flying Weight: 361g (w/o FPV gear)
  • Recommended Battery: LiPo from 3S to 4S 1300-2200mAh, Li-Ion 18650 4S1P 3500mAh
  • CG: 3.5cm from the wing leading edge (marked under the wing)

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