Password Reset Instruction

   We recently upgraded our website to make it more user friendly. However, the new system may not migrate your password from the old website. For security reasons, both old and new systems do not allow us to see your password nor reset it for you. So you may have to reset password by yourself to access account. Please follow the following steps to reset your password.

Step 1. Go to log in page. The “LOGIN” link is located at the up right corner on home page.


Step 2. Click the “Forgot your password?” link to go to the following page, and submit the email registered in our system.


Step 3. Pass the robot test.


Step 4. The system will remind you to check Email. An Email like the following title is sent from system automatically. Check junk emails if it is necessary.


Step 5. Open your email, and click the “Reset your password” button, it will bring to the password reset page.

Step 6. Reset your password. If you do not see the following page, follow the method in step 7.


Step 7. Due to different systems and settings in your computer, the above page may not show properly in your browser. In this case, move cursor above the “Reset your password” link and right click the mouse, then copy link address and paste it in a different internet browser. It should show the above password reset page correctly.

If you still have difficulty in accessing your account, please give us a call or send email to us, we will help you out. Our contact methods are listed at the bottom of the page. Thank you.

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