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Paul B.
Behavior has changed - Beware

In 2015 a reviewer wrote:

"Also, when the alarm sounds, for instance, say you have it set at 3.7v/cell and the alarm sounds, and you stop drawing power, and the cells relax a little and go back above 3.7v/cell, the alarm will automatically shut off until it goes under 3.7v/cell again where it will sound off again."

That is what I wanted but not the behavior of the items I received. When the alarm sounds it continues even though the voltage recovers above the alarm voltage. It can only be stopped by pushing the button (difficult to do when plane is in flight) or unplugging it from the battery.
This is disappointing.

As described

Arrived quickly, easy to program seem accurate I've not hit low voltage but it's nice insurance. They cycle through the voltage of each cell and give a total nice to have.

Jim H.
AOK Digital Voltage Checker and Alarm

It worked Great, the alarm goes off and it is time to land. It is easy to use and setup

Douglas R.

I wish that the device had at least a small user manual. Right now I understand that the discharge stops at a preset setting. But I need to know what that setting is. And can I change it? Doug Rossman ([****])

don j.
lipo tester alarm

great product quality built real deal not like crappy knock offs

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2S-8S LiPo, Li-ion, and LiFe battery voltage checker and low voltage buzzer alarm.
Display modes: Total voltage, voltage of individual cells, voltage of highest cell, voltage of lowest cell, voltage difference between cells.
Alarm set value range: off, 2.7V - 3.8V.
Default alarm setting: 3.3V.

Made by the original manufacturer of this product, higher quality and reliability than those cheaper copies.

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