OMP Hobby M2 RC Helicopter EVO Version BNF


Color: Orange
Sale price$299.99

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Ken K.

Gave not flown the heli yet, but ordering was easy and shipping was super quick...definitely a top notch vendor!

Mike K.
Great Heli, Great service!

Received my M2 EVO today. Shipping was super fast and the M2 EVO is so awesome. Thanks BRC! :) :)

James P.
Excellent heli and fast shipping

I love ordering from BuddyRC since I get the products delivered so quickly. This is an awesome first FBL helicopter. I am still hovering and flying small patterns, but it is so responsive and locked in. I use it with the Lemon satellite receiver and have tried it using the OMP protocol. Both work fine, but using the satellite, I can use my own throttle curves to make it fly more docile. It is more helicopter than I can use if I want it to be. Order spare feathering shafts, they will bend when you smack it into the ground. Nothing else has ever been damaged by crashing it.


Outstanding product. Flies great

Alain A.
Great Flyer and Very Precise!

This helicopter is very precise and such a great flyer! You cannot go wrong with this one!


OMPHobby M2 EVO RC helicopter kit.

New Features, New Experiences

New FBL Head - compared to DFC in other versions
Longer main blades - enlarged to 190mm, better performance
Redesigned tail motor & blades - quieter flight & smoother control
Adjustable tail boom - variable length for different experiences
Larger 60C 3S 750mAh LiPo & More powerful main motor
Four highly visible color schemes to choose from


RC model helicopters are not toys. These products are intended for use only by operation experienced users or adults with assembly, setup, commissioning, flying at a legal and approved flying field/area. This product is not suitable for children or those who have no experience in remote control helicopters. Inexperienced users must purchase/operate under professional guidance.

RC helicopters require a certain degree of skills to operate and maintain, and is a consumer item. Improper use of this product can result in serious injury or even death. Improper care and knowledge when repairing or disassembling this product can cause further failure of the product in different situations.  Any damage or dissatisfaction as a result of accidents, repairs, or modifications are not covered by any warranty and cannot be returned for further repair or replacement. As OMPHOBBY (Zhuhai Edge Smart Technology Co., Ltd), its commercial partner, agent, and distributor is not responsible for over using, improper setup and assembly, abnormal loss of spare parts, modification or misuse. 

Inexperienced users shall not operate this product, without direct assistance and guidance from an experienced RC helicopter pilot. Meanwhile, the user must operate in legal remote control model flying field, pay attention to the personal safety of himself and others, and strictly abide by relevant national and local laws and regulations.


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