HEE WING Hunter F22 400mm Wingspan MPP PP Foam Magic Board RC Airplane PNP

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Kristian T.
Awesome little plane

Great little park flier! Setup was easy and straightforward with some gorilla white foam glue and hot melt glue.

I could not use the included receiver, but had something on hand.

The nose could be a little more robust, but is easily repaired/stabilized with extra foam from the original cutouts.

All in all, a great value!

Once I got comfortable with the plane, I was able to increase the control surface travel and do basic aerobatic maneuvers such as barrel rolls, split s, immelmans, inverted flight, etc. Loops are mostly not possible with the small motor and battery/prop setup.

Paired with glacier 800mah 2s 7.4v lipo battery and flies for about 10-15 minutes at WOT.

Allen H.
Problem .NO servo holes and motor mount is wrong ..

Greg F ..Mine is the same .. I am just going to cut the servo holes in the main fuse .. My motor mount is the same .. I guess we need to contact BuddyRc and see what we should do and see if we can get a replacement ..EDIT:. the Hee wing F22 is a different version then is displayed . .. It is version B .. Servos mount different .. The flight controller is also a receiver .. Hee Wing has their own transmitter for this .. I have no idea what protocol to bind to with a multmodule . Will contact BuddyRC for help ..

Greg F.

I need some help.....the F22 that was sent to me is way different than the instructions show. There are no cutouts for the servos on top of wings;looks like they are underneath in the #3 and #5 board....also the motor mount screw holes were not drilled correctly;the motor can't be mounted because of the screw holes are misaligned? I am at standstill because of where do the servos go and the motor mount any help is appreciated

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HEE WING Hunter F22 400mm Wingspan MPP PP Foam Magic Board RC Airplane KIT/PNP

Brand Name: HEE Wing
Product Name: F22 Hunter
Version: PNP with flight controller 
Material: PP Magic Board
Wingspan: 400mm
Length: 565mm
Height: 130mm
Motor: Brushless 1306 3700KV
ESC: 12A
Battery: 7.4V 500-800mAh Lipo
Servos: 5G*2pcs
Flight controller: RX-1.0
Propellant: 4045
Weight (PNP): 95g
Weight (take off): 135g
Package Size: 430mm x 320mm x 50mm

These products are produced by MPP magic board, UV printing and laser cutting. With beautiful workmanship and exquisite appearance, this amazing and creative RC plane machine is made of lightweight and super durable, strong and high-strength material. We configure the PNP version, which is very suitable for the DIY of model aircraft enthusiasts. The electronic combo comes with brushless motor and ESC, providing powerful performance. The version comes with a flight controller that can self-stabilize flight control, achieve one-button takeoff and stable output for excellent performance.

Note: PNP just for ease of name, the PP PNP frame listed here is not pre-assembled. Requires assembly after receipt.

PNP with flight controller Version included:
1x HEE WING Hunter F22 400mm Wingspan RC Airplane KIT
1x 1306 3700KV motor
1x 5g Servo
1x 12A ESC
1x 4045 Propeller

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