iCharger 4010 Duo 2000W 40A 10S Dual Port Charger

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Basil Y.
iCharger 4010 - looks to be a good quality charger

Just got the ICharger Up with the 24volt Buddy RC Power supply. The 5mm Bullet connectors for the power supply connection were missing so I used ones out of the blue EC5 connector that was new. Charged one battery up pretty fast to try out. It has good features that let you know the condition of the battery. Charges and Maintaines any type of RC battery made. On the expensive side but it's the best!!

Roy A.

Great product. I have several I charges. Excellent product.

I4010 charger

Works great, speedy & great service.

Joshua K.
Great Products, Better Support!

Getting back into the hobby, electric power is all new to me, and more confusing is the power requirements.
The staff helped me along to make the best choice for chargers, power supplies and everything else.
They were VERY patient with me and answered all my questions no matter how dumb. Thanks again! Your team is the best!

Rick W.
Looking great so far!

Been using an iCharger 3010B for awhile, but am getting back to needing to charge 10S batteries... thus the iCharger 4010 Duo. Haven't used it a lot yet, but so far it's looking / acting solid.
- Easy to set up and use.
- Informative during charging.
- Love seeing the IR of my cells on the display.

Looking forward to more great experience with it !

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iCharger 4010 Duo is a powerful and compact charger with an excellent power-to-cost ratio, making it a favorite among hardcore RC hobbyists. It features an accurate cutoff voltage, rapid balancing speed, and compatibility with almost all types of batteries used in RC hobbies. Additionally, it has various versatile functions and extra features, providing an adaptable and flexible platform for all your hobby needs.

When using the iCharger 4010 Duo, make sure to use it with a stable power supply and avoid using it with an automobile or multiple server power supplies in a series. The charger will arrive with a very thin but effective protective cover on the screen. If your screen appears scratched upon arrival, use either a fingernail or a precision knife to carefully peel off the protective layer from the side of the screen.

As an authorized iCharger USA distributor and one of the first American iCharger dealers, Buddy RC offers the best prices and the most reliable services available. Although our prices may appear to be the same or higher than other dealers at first glance, we offer various types of discounts, such as free adapter boards and ParaBoards, as well as free shipping to customers in the USA. We provide excellent customer service and technical support over phone and e-mail. Our understanding of the workings of the chargers allows us to easily assist you with any questions or concerns. The warranty is non-transferable and is handled by Buddy RC in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

The iCharger 4010 Duo charger's specifications include a maximum charge power of 1400W per channel, or 2000W in synchronous mode, charge current of 50mA-40A per channel, or up to 70A in synchronous mode, discharge power of 130W per channel, or 200W in synchronous mode, and maximum regenerative discharge of 1400W per channel, or 2000W in synchronous mode. It also has a maximum external discharge power capacity of 1600W @ 40V/40A, or 3200W in synchronous mode, balance bleeding current of 1.2A per channel, or 2.4A in synchronous mode, voltage readout resolution of 1mV (0.001V), internal resistance readout resolution of 0.1 Ohm, balance accuracy of 10mV, input voltage range of 9-50V DC, maximum input current of 65A, and supports maximum LiPo/LiIo/LiFe(A123) of 10S per channel and in synchronous mode, maximum NiCd/NiMH battery cell count of 25 cells per channel, and maximum Pb battery cell count of 18 cells (36V) per channel. Additionally, it has PC Connectivity through the USB port. The dimensions of the charger are 210 x 140 x 80 mm, and the net weight is 1470g.

The extra functions of the iCharger 4010 Duo charger include battery internal resistance measurements, servo test, pulse test, and the ability to store and read data from micro SD (TF) cards. The charger comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty handled by Buddy RC, a major iCharger distributor since 2009.

The packaging of the iCharger 4010 Duo charger includes 1 X iCharger 4010 Duo Charger, 2 X Balance boards, 2 X Balance cable, 2 X Charge leads, and 1 X Program cable.

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