OMPHobby M1 RC Helicopter FHSS Protocol Version

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Jay H.
Fantastic Little Helicopter

I have about 10 flights on my new M1. It flew great out of the box; I’ve since made a few minor changes to the flight control to suite my flying style and I could not be happier. I did quite a bit of research, flew both the M1 and S1 friends have and ultimately decided on the M1. The two are nearly identical. I have 2 M2s and am very pleased with them. However, the service and friendly help I’ve gotten from Buddy RC was the tipping point. If you purchase the M1 you will not be disappointed.

Charles S.

OMPHobby M1 RC Helicopter FHSS Protocol Version

Ed M.

This is a great little bird. I just received the M2 I ordered. Problem with the M1 developed after 3rd flight, seems that the engine threw an internal part and seized up. I was able to get it free but it appears that it has burned itself out. Will order a new one when you get some. They are great buys and Buddy RC does a great job so far.

Great little bird so far

DSMX binding to sat - no problem
Getting it setup properly - Jonas videos are big help
Had to level swash and do a stability calibration flight - no problems
Make sure you check every nut and bolt, thread lock missing from feathering shaft - not good
So far, a very nice , stable little beast

Carlton P.
My new m 1

It fly well but when I do lops both heli will violent to bling and crash and broken the tail

If you're having problems with your M1 please refer to our BuddyRC YouTube channel for some ideas on what to change in the settings

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The highly anticipated OMPHobby M1 micro helicopter will be available this fall. This small sized helicopter inherits the great features of the bigger M2 brother, yet much smaller making it ideal for indoor flight in the winter. Product is expected to be shipped around the middle of November, but may encounter delay because of the busy holiday season. Three colors will be available: orange, purple, and yellow. 



RC model helicopters are not toys. These products are intended for use only by operation experienced users or adults with assembly, setup, commissioning, flying at a legal and approved flying field/area. This product is not suitable for children or those who have no experience in remote control helicopters. Inexperienced users must purchase/operate under professional guidance.

RC helicopters require a certain degree of skills to operate and maintain, and is a consumer item. Improper use of this product can result in serious injury or even death. Improper care and knowledge when repairing or disassembling this product can cause further failure of the product in different situations.  Any damage or dissatisfaction as a result of accidents, repairs, or modifications are not covered by any warranty and cannot be returned for further repair or replacement. As OMPHOBBY (Zhuhai Edge Smart Technology Co., Ltd), its commercial partner, agent, and distributor is not responsible for over using, improper setup and assembly, abnormal loss of spare parts, modification or misuse. 

Inexperienced users shall not operate this product, without direct assistance and guidance from an experienced RC helicopter pilot. Meanwhile, the user must operate in legal remote control model flying field, pay attention to the personal safety of himself and others, and strictly abide by relevant national and local laws and regulations.

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