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Item: PN14 Prop. nut - 1/4"-28 w/ 1/4" Bushing
Sale price$4.50

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Bar-Stock Aluminum Spinner with brushed metal finish!
  • ProSpin spinners are made from high quality barstock for strength. They won't crack like cheap cast aluminum spinners do.
  • ProSpin spinners are also 30% lighter than cast aluminum.
  • All spinners include a shaft bushing, prop nut, and bolt.
  • All spinners are polished to a brushed metal finish.


    Notes on Ordering:

    1. Find out the size of the prop nut you need. The size of the included prop nut is listed below.
    2. If you need a different prop nut, you need to order it separately.
    3. Some engines, i.e. Saito engines, require a bushing that is larger than the nut. In such case, please let us know your special needs, in the notes of your online order, or when you call. We will try to match the correct bushing to fit your engine.



    PN14   Prop. nut, 1/4"-28 w/ 1/4" Bushing
    PN516  Prop. nut, 5/16"-24 w/ 5/16" Bushing
    PN38   Prop. nut, 3/8"-24 w/ 3/8" Bushing
    PN60  Prop. nut, 6mm x 1 w/ 6mm Bushing
    PN70   Prop. nut, 7mm x 1 w/ 7mm Bushing
    PN81   Prop. nut, 8mm*1.0 w/ 8mm Bushing
    PN82   Prop. nut, 8mm*1.25 w/ 8mm Bushing
    PN101  Prop. nut, 10mm*1.0 w/ 10mm Bushing
    PN102   Prop. nut, 10mm*1.25 w/ 10mm Bushing

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