RadioMaster ER8GV 2.4GHz ELRS PWM Receiver

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RadioMaster ER8 2.4GHz ELRS PWM Receiver
The RadioMaster ER series of PWM receivers operates on the cutting-edge ExpressLRS system, delivering superior performance, exceptional reliability, versatile configuration options, rapid response speeds, and an incredibly extensive range, elevating your hobby experience.

Tailored specifically for glider pilots seeking a compact, slender receiver, the ER8G & ER8GV receivers support up to 8 servos. They include integrated receiver voltage telemetry and flight battery telemetry, automatically selecting the appropriate voltage input (only one input at a time). Both models feature a dual-antenna setup with telemetry power up to 100mw, compatible with a 1S Lipo receiver battery.

While the ER8GV includes a built-in Vario, ideal for various scenarios, the ER8G omits this feature. This design variation caters to competitions that restrict Vario usage or users who simply don't require it on their receiver.


  • Based on the Revolutionary ExpressLRS System
  • High performance, high reliability, flexible configuration, fast response speed and ultra-long range
  • Support 8 PWM Channels
  • Optimized ground up PCB design
  • Automatically voltage telemetry of external battery voltage or built-in receiver voltage
  • ER8GV receiver is built-in high-precision air pressure sensor (Vario)
  • Supports Wi-Fi updates and WEBUI configuration
  • Reserve 4pin CRSF input port
  • High quality 2.54 mm connector
  • Standard 20 cm High Sensitivity Antenna
  • For fixed-wing aircraft and gliders
  • Compatible with all 2.4GHz ExpressLRS modules and transmitters with built in 2.4GHz ExpressLRS

      Specification (ER8GV)

      • Item: ER8GV 2.4GHz ELRS PWM Receiver
      • Power supply: DC 3.5 - 8.4V
      • Antenna type: 20cm high sensitivity antenna
      • Wireless protocol: ExpressLRS 3.2 pre-installed
      • Output channel: 8CH PWM
      • Return power: maximum 100mw (LUA can be set)
      • Built-in high-precision air pressure sensor (Vario)
      • Battery voltage detection range: DC 4.0 - 35V
      • Weight: 12 grams
      • Dimensions: 60*13.5*13mm
      • Firmware: Device Category: Radiomaster 2.4Ghz / Device: Radiomaster ER8GV

          Package Includes

          • 1 * ER8G or E8GV 2.4GHz ELRS PWM Receiver
          • 2 * Heat-shrink tube
          • 1 * Voltage telemetry wire (Type-A)
          • 1 * CRSF wire
          • 1 * ELRS- RX- SBUS wire
          • 1 * User Card

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