RadioMaster R84 4 Channel RC Radio Receiver

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Stephen F.
So far, so good

Haven't tried it in a plane yet, but bind, and frequency tune went okay.
fifth star if it works well with a compliment of servos flying a plane.
Small and light, should fit and work well in a 1.1m glider I have.

RadioMaster R84

1'st one failed range test after fine tuning and all. Buddy RC replaced it and the 2nd one works great. Poo Poo happens! Thanks Buddy!

al s.
radio master receiver

works perfectly in my little 50mm f22

Alton S.
OK so far

No problem binding it to Radiomaster transmitter, still struggling a bit but with the help of YouTube University, I've been able to do all I want, including loading model pix to xtmr. I'm converting all models to the one transmitter, had to buy receivers all over the world, so far it's working with 4 different protocols, that's why I bought the Radiomaster transmitter. So many sites out of stock.

Robert P.
Radio Master Receivers:

To date I have partially tested these 3 Receivers - It's winter in New England (Cold and Wet). I have bound them to the TX16S transmitter and done limited range testing. No problems - I have more problems replying to this message - I'm not a Windows user (Linux is my preferred platform) This form was more of a problem than testing the receivers.!

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The RadioMaster R84 is a high-performance 4-channel RC radio receiver that offers reliable control for your RC model. The receiver supports Frsky D8 compatible signal format and PWM output format. It is compatible with a power input range of 4.5-6V and has an operating frequency range of 2400-2483.5Mhz.

The R84 receiver also supports return RSSI and has an impressive control distance of more than 1km, providing you with a seamless and uninterrupted experience. The receiver's antenna length is 6cm, and it weighs only 2 grams, making it lightweight and easy to handle.

For further support, you can download the product manual by clicking on the link provided, or visit

Invest in the RadioMaster R84 4-channel RC radio receiver for reliable control and long-range performance for your RC model.

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