OMPHOBBY S720 RC Plane RTF 6-Axis Gyro Stabilizer RC Airplane Ready To Fly With Normal Flight Mode Aerobatic Flight Mode RC Planes

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Bruce E.
Nice flyer

Suggest you fly outdoors first, but you can fly it indoors as I have done. Like the ease with which wings click together... The elevator yes is very touchy but perhaps that is because it's slightly tail heavy. Make sure you push the battery all the way forward to compensate... I like it I actually bought two!

Eddie L.
Prop nose holder.

Great plane.. before you screw on the prop nose, make sure you cut it deeper so the screw will go in deeper,. May get loose cause of vibration and come off in flight.
I bought many of this same plane and Great for learning with stability off to fly inverted, rolls and loops.. if you panic just flip the stability button back and no worries.. Mahalo Buddy RC. and Aloha

Roland S.

The S720 is my favorite sub-250g plane hands down. If you fly it using a hobby grade radio the experience is fantastic. The elevator is a bit twitchy, but with the right rates setting and expo than can be taken mitigated. This plane is a awesome introduction into learning advanced aerobatics. The roll rate is fantastic, it easily does knife edges, outside loops, and inverted flight is outstandingly easy!

Some folks have given this plane a bad wrap due to the stock transmitter in my opinion. Set 'er up on a Hobby Grade transmitter and she's your go to sub-250g plane!


Mine wants to hover in sport and tip stall in normal. Spun prop screw first flight

emerio d.
Buddy'Rc satisfied customer.

it is extremely satisfying that there is still an online hobby shop that actually answers the phone, offers valuable tech support on new products, or support on existing products that the customer may have a concern about. Both Dan and, I believe I believe Eddy, are very knowledgeable offering expert advice__they call you back in case they have to research something before offering advice. That folks is something you don't see today with some of the other hobby shops. i wish them continued success to be in business for years to come. Merry X'mas, Emerio Diaz

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THIS PRODUCT CAN NOT BE SHIPPED VIA AIR SHIPMENTS, Must use Ground methods for any orders containing a battery.




Model: S720 Aerobatic
Wing span: 718mm
Length: 560mm
Height: 168mm
Weight: 140g approximate


  • Highly effective aerodynamic design bringing excellent aerobatic performance.
  • Concealed servo design makes the aircraft clean and neat.
  • Integrated OFS (OMP Flight System), an enhanced electronic flight stabilizer, can be switched between normal and aerobatic flight modes.
  • 4 channel radio included. Dedicated switch for different flight modes.
  • High performance SunnySky brushless motor and EOLO propeller.
  • Modular parts for easy assembly.
  • Frame is made of high strength EPO.


Power System
Aircraft type: Aerobatic
Brushless Motor: SunnySky 1406 KV2500
Propeller: EOLO 5.5 inch
Battery: 2S 7.4V 300mAh LiPo
Flight controller: Integrated OFS
Flight time: approximately 10 minutes depending on flight style.


30 day Warranty from date of purchase on any manufactures defects only. 

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