SKYRC BD250 250W 35A LiPo LiHV NiMH Battery Discharger & Analyzer


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Elwood K.
SkyRC BD250

Exactly what I wanted!


Does as it should. Nice unit.

Greg A.
skyrc bd250w

description of---dis cha-rger is that it works with all types of batteries. not true. connected to 3.7volt batteries "4" with battery holder, does,t work. i think it only works with battery packs. don,t have one to test unit. should say so in description

John Z.
Works as advertised

Fast shipping, came within days. This unit works as it should. It's easy to set up and does a fine job of discharging battery packs safely. Do as other have suggested when adjusting discharge rate. Just remember to allow the pack to rest if you want to recharge it to storage .
Works much better than using light bulbs.

Jay W.
Setting Voltage Cutoff on BD250

When you set the cutoff voltage, be sure to account for battery’s voltage sag under heavy load due to internal resistance. Your desired final voltage may be higher than voltage under load especially at high amps.

Download Manual


Click here to download product manual.
or go to the official website page to download manual and software.


The BD250 is a powerful discharging device that allows the user to discharge a battery at up to 35 amps or 250 watts and also measures and compares the performance of batteries. BD250 allows for the precise measurement of battery capacity and takes the guesswork out of choosing the best battery for your application.

Size and Weight:

Dimension: 136.6x104.8x107mm

Weight: 879g

Accepted Voltage Range: 5.40-35.00V

Low Voltage Alert: <5.2V

High Voltage Alert: >35V Max.

Discharge Power: 250W

Discharge Current Range: 0.01A-35.00A

Discharge Power: 250W

Current Consumption in Sleep Mode: <100uA

Capacity Display Accuracy: ±3%

Current Display Accuracy: 0.01-10.00A ±60mA

                                               10.00-35.00A ±3%

Voltage Display Accuracy:

5.4-10V <80mV

10-20V <120mV

20-35V <160mV

Packaging included:
1X BD250 Charger
1X Discharging cable with XT60 connector
1X Fuse
1X Manual

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