Sonic Modell AR Wing Pro WHITE FALCON 1000mm Wingspan EPP FPV Flying Wing RC Airplane PNP Compatible DJI HD Air Unit System


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Introducing the "White Falcon" FPV wing, a new version of the popular AR Wing PRO by Sonicmodell. Responding to customer requests for a white variant, we have created a sleek and stylish design that retains the excellent flying characteristics of the original. The "White Falcon" is highly portable, making it perfect for both experienced and beginner FPV pilots. You can choose between options to customize colors and build the wing to your preferences, or use the provided decals. Don't miss the opportunity to add the "White Falcon" to your collection - order yours today!


  • Brand: Sonicmodell
  • Product: AR Wing Pro WHITE FALCON
  • Material: High-quality EPP
  • Versions: KIT, PNP (optional)
  • Wingspan: 1000mm (39.37'')
  • Length: 450mm (17.71'')
  • Weight (PNP): 500g

Recommended Flying Capability:

Minimum recommended speed: 31km/h

Maximum Speed (with Sonicmodell power combo): 130km/h

Cruise Speed (with SONICMODELL power combo): 75/80km/h at 5.5A

Maximum Speed tested without structural failure: 220km/h without any structural damage or elevons twist

Maximum recommended takeoff weight (with SONICMODELL power combo): 1425 grams

Reflex on elevons: 1.5-2mm at level

Recommended maximum Throws: 12mm


  1. The Sonicmodell FPV Wing is the first to include a dedicated nose camera bay and main hatch bay designed specifically for the DJI HD Air Unit System, eliminating the need for any cutting or DIY modifications.

  2. The fuselage features aerodynamic-designed FPV pockets on both sides, equipped with a highly efficient NACA air cooling system to ensure optimal performance of the FPV gear.

  3. Constructed with tough EPP material and built-in CF spar for added durability, the wing offers exceptional stability during flight and enhanced crash resistance.

  4. Additional camera bays in the nose and sides are compatible with all FPV and AIO cameras available in the market.

  5. The nose camera slot is compatible with various HD action cameras (such as GoPro, DJI, Runcam) available in the market.

  6. Multiple tunnels inside all equipment bays facilitate easy wire layout between each bay.

  7. The main wing is detachable, allowing glue-free assembly and convenient portability for outdoor flying.

  8. Built-in CF rods in the ailerons provide precise and responsive control.

  9. The high-accuracy ball link control system ensures agile and quick response during flight control.

  10. The specially designed "servo arm built-in" structure offers protection for the servo arm against impacts.

  11. The large battery bay allows for extended flight time and accommodates various flight controllers.

  12. A well-designed rear bay isolates the ESC to prevent interference from other FPV equipment.

  13. The fuselage features a built-in plate for additional reinforcement.

  14. Extra CA Hinges for DIY customization provide a stiffer and more agile control experience.

  15. The optimized air-cooling design effectively prevents overheating and ensures the safety of your gear.

PNP Version Includes:

SONICMODELL AR Wing Pro KIT with power combo (uninstalled motor, esc, servos, propeller, and hardware.)

PNP Package Size: 42*31*15.5cm

PNP Package Weight: 1500g

Note: The transmitter, receiver, battery, charger and glue are not included.


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