OMP Hobby T720 RC Plane RTF 6 Axis Gyro Stabilizer RC Airplane with Normal Flight Mode One Button Start Aerobatic Flight Mode Beginners RC Planes

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Eugene Z.
Ridder servo is getting stuck

I purchased this plane on Amazon twice, both times ordered replacement and finally returned. So I had a chance to test 4 planes in total, and all of them had the same exact issue: their Rudder was stuck in the right or left position. It seems to me the rudder servo was too weak to return the rudder to a neutral position.

Roland V.
Rc plane purchase

I have to say buddy rc was a pleasure to deal with fast shipping creat customer service I highly recommend them. Thank you. Roland V

Chad S.

Is a Christmas gift. Will let you know next spring how good it is.

Lukas J.A.

The plane is great. The design is awesome. Have taken it on an airplane, travels great. Have taught two people to fly with it, so that’s great! Love the OMP T720

dave w.
Bought this to use as a trainer for my Grand kids to play with

I'm pretty disappointed overall for several reasons I'll list for ya. First off, for some reason the plane was not bound to the TX right out of the box. As you know the Rx is buried in the glued together fuselage, so the Bind button was pretty hard to find down under the wiring viewed thru a 1/4 " slot in the battery box. Thankfully, the instruction sheet showed about where to find the bind button once you pushed the wires aside, so we were happy when the thing bound up the first try! Next, we went out in the yard for the maiden in a 5-6 mph breeze, launched it into the wind in the safe mode, turned 180* and flew 100 feet down wind, started the 180* back and the plane rapidly rocked left and right a couple of times, then plane turned hard left, dropped the left wing and nosed into the ground. The wings detached as designed, unfortunately the wing spar that inserts into the fuse broke so now i had to decide what to do to get another try at a maiden flight, order another wing set (4-6 days) or glue the wing back on and try again. Naturally, not knowing why the plane wound itself into the ground we glued it back on for another try, lol. Here's what I learned (I think), The plane flys pretty good at half throttle or just a little more, more than half throttle and things get hairy quick, meaning any direction change becomes erratic, I guess because of wing flex from flying too fast. My best flights were when I took it up 50 or so feet and backed off to under half throttle and rudder steered the plane around. Plus when you slow to land the plane tip stalls while on final if any direction change is given. Not much of a trainer for newbs.

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THIS PRODUCT CAN NOT BE SHIPPED VIA AIR SHIPMENTS, Must use Ground methods for any order containing a battery.

About the charger:
Red light indicates the charger is powered on.
Flash green light indicates charging in progress.
Solid green light indicates charging complete.



Model: T720 Trainer

Wing span: 716mm
Length: 528mm
Height: 150mm
Weight: 130g approximate


• Highly efficient aerodynamic design for great glide performance.
• Concealed servo design makes the aircraft clean and neat.
• Integrated OFS (OMP Flight System), an enhanced electronic flight stabilizer, can be switched between trainer and sport flight modes.
• 4 channel radio included. Dedicated switch for different flight modes.
• High performance SunnySky brushless motor and EOLO propeller.
• Modular parts for easy assembly.
• Frame is made of high strength EPP.

Power System
Aircraft type: Trainer
Brushless Motor: SunnySky 1406 KV2500
Propeller: EOLO 5.5 inch
Battery: 2S 7.4V 300mAh LiPo
Flight controller: Integrated OFS
Flight time: approximately 15 minutes
Radio range: 200m (600 feet) approximate

 30 day Warranty from date of purchase on any manufactures defects only. 

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