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This is the latest version of ParaBoard with self-resettable fuse protection. The PCB board is made of three ounce copper and the main circuit supports up to 40A current. All the balance ports are protected by resettable fuses (also known as polyfuse).

ParaBoard - XH can be used for batteries with JST-XH balance connectors, such as Align, Blue, E-flight, Turnigy, and our Glacier LiPo packs.

This device is to be used with a balance charger to simultaneously charge multiple lithium batteries in parallel. By this method you can significantly save time on battery charge process.

Principles and practices of parallel charging lithium batteries have been well discussed in the forums on RC Groups. This method has been proved to be a safe and efficient way to charge LiPo batteries, and is being widely accepted by more and more RC hobbiests all over the world.

Parallel charge can save your time significantly. If you charge four batteries at the same time, the charge current is four times of that you used for a single pack, and you need only approximately 1/4 of the charge time to charge every battery separately. Similarly, if you charge six batteries at the same time, the charge current is six times and time is only 1/6.

Multiple safe ParaBoards (V3) can be connected directly in order to charge more than four batteries at a time.

ParaBoard XH can be used for the following brands of LiPo batteries that have JST-XH balance connectors:

Air Thunder
Beyond Power
Blue Batteries
Common Sense RC V1 (reversed polarity)
Common Sense RC V2
DN Power (reversed polarity)
EC Power
Electric Power
Energy EC
EP Buddy
Exceed RC Fusion
Fully Max
GE Power
Grayson Power
Hi Models
Hobby City
Hobby Loong
Hurricane Flight Systems
Kong Power (Old version)
Lightning Power (2S-5S)
Loong Max
Mega Power
Nine Eagles
Park Zone
Precision Aerobatics
Reedy Power
Super Tigre
Tenergy (old version, reversed polarity)
Top Racing
Tower Hobbies
Vampower (New version)

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Safe 40A ParaBoard V3 - XH with XT60

Customer Reviews

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Antonio M.

Hi my name is Tony marsiglia everything was just fine thank you very much will be ordering again

Brad L.
Safe 40 Amp Paraboard V3-XH with XT60

Picked this one up to charge my receiver batteries in my RC planes. Makes charging multiple batteries very easy. I’ve purchased a few other paraboards from BuddyRC for other style lipo connectors and never had any issues. These work great and i highly recommend them. :)

Keith F.
Safe 40A ParaBoard V3

Works great, use it for all my XT60 batteries.

Buddy RC para board

Great board i had the first version with out protection this one is differently way better as it has the circuit protection

Greg D.
Caution: Not all EPB-3203 units are the same

I purchased an EPB-3203 (Safe 40A Paraboard V3 XH with XT60 Plugs) through http://www.michaelsrchobbies.com. The overall construction looks to be very good. However, the product that arrived is significantly different from the pictures. If the following issues could be resolved, I will consider purchasing another unit.

I shall list each difference separately for clarity.

1. The EPB-3203 is pictured as using three ATO/Standard/Regular sized automotive 40A fuses that sit in their own easy-swap socket. My EPB-3203 uses three Mini sized automotive 40A fuses that are soldered on the board. FAIL.

2. My EPB-3203's positive cable is protected by a 50A ATO/Standard/Regular sized automotive fuse. This is not in the description. The fuse is soldered on to the board. FAIL.

3. My EPB-3203 has a small green LED that is wired into the negative and positive for the first cell. There is no way to turn it off or disable it. A balance charger will compensate for this parasitic loss during charging, but if you leave your battery/batteries connected for an extended period of time after the charge, the LED will pull the first cell out of balance. This LED is not mentioned in the description, nor in any picture. FAIL.

4. The EPB-3203 is pictured as having three resettable fuses (polyfuse) on top, and four on the bottom, per balance port. My EPB-3203 has all seven on top.

NOTE: I've had the PCB out of the blue plastic case. There is no revision number on the top or bottom that might indicate why my EPB-3203 is different from the pictures. My unit's PCB has the phrases "ParaBoard V3" and "XH/2-6s" painted on it.

You might be wondering why I am so bitter about these few differences from the published pictures/specs. I was building a portable power bank and needed a way to tie several 5S Li-Ion battery packs together. This unit looked to fit the bill perfectly. The balance ports are protected by polyfuses, which will reset automatically. Also, the XT60 power connectors were supposed to be protected by easily swappable ATO fuses; this would make it easy to diagnose and repair in the field. But numbers 1, 2, & 3 above have made this product unsuitable for my project without modification. Return shipping + the restocking fee (MichaelsRCHobbies.com) makes it financially unattractive to return the product. I'll look on eBay and Amazon for fuse holders that can be soldered onto the board.

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