40A ParaBoard V2 - XH and EC5

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great Paraboard

I bought this one to replace a cheap one I purchased on ebay, and it is fantastic. The connectors are a little tough to get the batteries on and off at first but they eventually get easier.

Kenneth -.&.
Handy charging accessory!

When I'm getting ready to go to the field, I para-charge
Five 6s 5000 packs from Storage voltage to flight-ready in basically no time with my Icharger 308 duo just using one channel and this device.

When at the field, I usually have an average of 2 packs plugged in to the board and charging at any time on the paraboard (6s-6000 x2 = 12amps). This keeps the charging area neat and clean, as there aren't a bunch of spagetti-mess wires everywhere...

One real neat feature, is that you can daisy-chain
these paraboards together.... I don't use that feature
much, as I have a dual channel charger, but it is real nice to have it built into the boards!!!

I also made an EC5 to jst x6 (red) plug adapter,
and I can now use this same EC5 paraboard to
charge 6 of my 2s-450mah batteries at a time now too.... simple and clean... very nice boards! Kudos to BuddyRC for a neat product!

The EC5 connectors concerned me at first, but after a year of tugging and plugging batteries into the board, I can rest assured that the EC5 connectors are durably attached to the parabord. Also, the XH connectors for balancing are just as durable.... Very happy customer here! I'd recommend these to any avid electric flying enthusiast!

40a over my old 30a so thats good

I usually charged 6 6s 6000mah batteries.
On my old 30a paraboard it would start to get warm, eventually something died inside.

I replaced it with this new 40a, its noticeably cooler and hopefully will work reliably.

I do have some 10,000mah 6s which I would like to charge 6 of but I can only do that through my wiring loom which is massive and ugly.

Hopefully a new version will be made that can handle some serious juice of these new giant lipos!

Overall, I am happy

Get it

I fly 2 packs in parallel for redundancy. Being able to charge them in parallel in the field is great.
Make sure to charge packs one at a time when ever you can to monitor any changes in IR and general battery health.

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Use ParaBoard V2 to charge up to 6 batteries in parallel. This ParaBoard can be used for batteries with JST-XH type balance plug (the most popular type in the market) and EC5 connectors.

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