AOK 3 in 1 LiPo LiFe Battery Checker Balancer 150W Discharger


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Dave B.
Super discharger at a great price.

This discharger works faster and is more effective than anything I have ever used. It is a very good tool for the people who value their very expensive lipos and want to keep them balanced.

Noel M.
Works well

Good product to have. One of my bulbs was broken and BuddyRC replaced it right away. Great support for the product. Easy to use but had to go to YouTube to learn how to use it. East Peasy!

Thoms Y.

AOK 3 in 1 LiPo LiFe Battery Checker Balancer 150W Discharger

Michael G.
Works as expected

Simple product with a simple job done well. I have three of these. For each one I have built a supporting arm that suspends the light bulbs in the air in order to keep other things from being damaged by the heat given off from the bulbs.

They work.

Very handy to help drain out batteries to storage levels, or to check after-flight levels. Voltage calibration seems to be a crapshoot between units, some read higher than others. Haven’t found any info on how to calibrate so apparently that isn’t do-able. But better than nothing!

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This 3 function in 1 battery voltage checker, balancer, and discharger has a 2.6" LCD with large characters for easy reading. This device provides you with an affordable way to monitor the condition of your batteries and allows you to easily see the total voltage and individual cell voltage.


  • Dimensions: 94 x 60 x 17mm
  • Net Weight: 70g
  • Battery connector ports: 2S-6S XH balance connectors, JST, Rx (for receiver battery), PH (for mCP X battery).
  • Discharge capacity: 150W

Note NOTE: This unit is compatible with 2-6S XH and EH battery balance connectors. Batteries that use Thunder Power/Flight Power, or Polyquest/Hyperion type balance connectors will require a balance adapter board and cable.

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