AOK BVM 8S Battery Meter


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AOK BVM 8S Battery Meter Features: Backlight 128x64 dot LED display Shows voltage of individual cells, total voltage, voltage differential between highest and lowest cells, voltage of highest cell, voltage of lowest cell Alarm buzz Measures 1-8 cell lithium batteries, and Ni-MH/Cd batteries Multiple voltage alarms: individual cell, low voltage, voltage differential Calibrated before dispatched from factory.


  • Lithium cells: 1-8s
  • Pack voltage range: 3.3-24.0v
  • Cell voltage range: 0.5-5.0V
  • Cell low voltage alarm range: 2.00-4.00V
  • Voltage display resolution: 0.001v
  • Current loading of test: 24mA
  • Weight: 23g
  • Dimensions: 67x39x13mm 

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