Buddy RC 4S1P 14.4V 2500mAh 10C 25A Lithium Ion Li-ion Battery Pack with XT30 Connector

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Buddy RC 4S1P 14.4V 2500mAh 10C 25A discharge lithium ion battery pack with XT30 connector, can be used for flight and drive power.

This pack is made of quality cells that the electrochemical characteristics were extensively tested by Buddy RC to ensure that capacity, discharge rate, internal resistance, longevity, and consistency can meet our strict standards. 

Lithium ion battery is flammable. It is important to always charge the battery in Li-ion mode with correct cell count and current settings. Never leave the charging battery unattended. Keep it from flammable objects in the charging process. Never charge the battery in a vehicle. Discharge the battery under 3.0V per cell will lead to permanent damage and loss of capacity. For long term storage keep only 30-50% capacity in the cells, or around 3.7-3.8V per cell. 

Battery chemistry: lithium ion
Cell size: 18650
Cell configuration: 4S1P
Nominal voltage: 14.4V
Capacity: 2500mAh / 36Wh
Charging voltage cutoff: 16.4 or 16.8V (either value is OK)
Suggested discharging voltage cutoff: 13.2V or higher
Recommended charging current: 2.5A (1C, 40-60 minutes  to be fully charged)
Maximum charging current: 5A (2C, 3-40 minutes to be fully charged)
Power connector: XT30
Balance lead: XH
Weight: 176 grams
dimensions: 70x35x35mm

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