Lemon RX DSMP Plug and Go Module for JR RadioMaster FrSky Jumper Transmitter DSMX DSM2 Compatible

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Jayanta R.
Well designed plug-in module

The module fits my Taranis Q X7 perfectly. Bound to Spektrum 6335 receiver on first attempt. I am able to use the receiver’s AS3X capability as well with appropriate setup of the channels.

Lester B.
Easy module

Ordered the module which came quickly, works on my vintage JR single stick nine channel transmitter. Very little modification is required.

Nice Spektrum DM9 Upgrade

I've been using an old DSM2 DM9 module for bnf planes but couldn't get the AS3X on a new T-28 v2 to work so I decided to try this Lemon module. After binding everything has worked flawlessly.

James M.
DSMP Plug & Go Xmtr Module - findings

I bought this DSMP Plug & Go xmtr module to use in my JR XG11MV. I’ve been using a Spektrum DM9 module which works fine but is DSM2. The DSMP, of course, is capable of DSMX.

Now, I have two of the DIY modules which I’ve used extensively in Jim’s Xlator box (receives DMSS and xmts DSMX - idea borrowed from Jeti) and really like it. So, I was pretty sure the P&G module would work fine too. Here’s a bit of my experience which might help someone.

I began by testing it with my little Inductrix FPV. It readily bound, but the motors didn’t turn.

Next, I tried it on my UMX Radian. Rudder (using aileron stick) and elevator both worked, but no motor control.

After some more tinkering to no avail, I vaguely recalled reading something in the instructions way back when about scaling. I revisited the pamphlet and found that the plug and go module, unlike the DIY module, scales the output pulse widths so that OpenTX matches Spektrum. Fine, but if you already have a xmtr (like the JR XG11MV), this results in under throw of all channels. The first thing you will likely notice is that the ESC doesn’t arm. To fix it, increase the throttle low end throw by 25% (28% to be exact, but 25% is easier to remember). When I did this, the motor armed and worked. Of course, you will need to increase all throws (both high and low) by 25% to set things in order.

Now, it would be nice of Lemon to make a version without the scaling to work with those transmitters that don’t need it. Maybe they could just place the DIY module in the P&G case, if it will fit.

Anyway, that’s my experience so far. I haven’t flown with the module yet, but it now works fine on the bench.

Charles S.
Working good so far on my custom built quadcopter

Had an issue with the throttle range being way to high but once i figured out how to get those numbers where they need to be it seems to be working good. Been stayingLeaving the garage now away otherwise) but goin outside this weekend, We shall see if it flies away :).

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The Lemon Rx DSMP Plug and Go transmitter module is designed specifically for any JR module bay capable transmitter that supports PPM or 9XR-DSM protocol. Example of these transmitters are RadioMaster TX16s, TX12, FrSky Taranis Q X7 and Turnigy 9x just to name a few. The revolutionary DSMP protocol based on software defined radio packet allows full compatibility to all Horizon Hobby's DSMX or DSM2 compatible receiver as well as the bind and ready to fly model aircraft without any channel rescaling configuration required except the first 4 channels' order (TAER or namely Throttle, Aileron, Elevator, Rudder) need to be mapped.

Telemetry display and alert is supported at either PPM / 9XR-DSM protocol if the transmitter uses the ErSky firmware downloadable at http://www.er9x.com/.

RCgroups discussion (Click below link for user manual page with link to RCGroups)

Transmitter setup

- Set to use external module with PPM output, 10 channels, 20ms spacing
- Set to use TAER(Throttle, Aileron, Elevator, Rudder) order 
- Do not rescale any channels unless necessary. This Plug and Go module has an internal rescaler to ensure proper operation of all Lemon Rx receivers, the popular HH DSMX compatible or DSM2 compatible aircraft

Telemetry display and alert setup (ErSky fimware only)
- Find your radio firmware at http://www.er9x.com/ and update it
-PPM / 9XR-DSM protocol can all be used for receiver operation. Set telemetry packet decoding to accept DSM telemetry packet.

Binding to DSMP, DSMX compatible or DSM2 compatible receiver / planes
- Press and hold the button on the module
- Turn on the transmitter and by pass all the warning messages (if any)
- Wait until the module turns on with red light on and green light flashing
- Release button
- Observe indication. Green light on means binding is completed. Red light flashing indicates bind fails. Turn off the transmitter and resume the whole binding procedure if bind fails.

Range check
During normal operation (green light on), press and hold the button puts the module in range check mode (red light on). Range check mode passes with valid control of the model from 30 meters away. Release the button to allow full power transmission.

1) This is not a Spektrum DSMX or DSM2 product, nor is it a copy of a Spektrum DSM2 or DSMX product. The Spektrum, DSMX and DSM2 brand is a trademark of Horizon Hobby, Inc.
2) This is not an underground black market fake Spektrum product. Lemon Rx quality is guaranteed.
3) Lemon Rx products are tested to be compatible with Spektrum's DSMX and or DSM2 product (Spketrum, DSMX and DSM2 are the registered trademark of Horizon Hobby, Inc.).

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