ISDT Air8 BattAir 500W 20A High Power Battery Balance Charger Discharger

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Great Charger but have to have a quality power supply

The craziness with the touch screen went away when I quit using my Tool Kit 100watt power supply. I tried my old bench switching power supply and s new ISDT 400w power supply and the charger works flawlessly.

Touch screen is to sensitive

The screen will just cycle on it's own at times. Doesn't seem as bad with a large lipo as a power supply. I may return it. Charges good when yo can set things. I am researching on the internet for a possible fix

Ronaldo M.
Nice chager

I liked the display color/design, and the capability to adjust the reading voltage, but I notice 2 problems, one with the touch display, when connected to the computer I was not able to use the touch screen, but it works well when it is connected to the power supply, not sure why, the second problems is the process to charge or discharge, when it reaches the voltage it stops, but the battery is not fully charged, when disconnect the battery it has less voltage.

Alexander P.
10/10 Charger

Best single channel charger I've had to date. Charges and balances batteries like I expected it to and the fact that you can monitor it on your phone is super useful. You get a notification on your phone when it finishes charging so you don't have to check constantly.

Jon B.
Great Little Compact 8S Charger!

You have to love the compact form factor of this little guy. Add in the ability to handle 8S packs. AND I personally really like the "Destroy" feature ... used when you have a battery that has reached end of life and you want/need to discharge it to as close to zero volts as possible. Great value at a great price!

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Max Charge Capacity: DC 500W
Charge Current: 0.1A-20.0A
Max Discharge Capacity: 15W
Discharge Current: 0.1A-1.5A
Input Voltage: DC 10-34V
Ouput Voltage: DC 1-35V
Support Battery: LiFe,Lion,LiPo 1-8S
                              Pb: 1-12S
                              NiMH: 1-16S
Weight: 160g
Packaging included:
1X ISDT Air8 Charger

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