RadioMaster TX16S MK II Max Radio Controller 4 in 1 with AG01 CNC Hall Gimbal

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Colin E.
Amazing unit. Fast shipping.

This transmitter really is the do it all. I’m using it for all of my spektrum planes. And even the telem. Is working!

Matthew K.
Awesome Controller with a couple of easily avoidable and super annoying shortcomings.

For reference, I have the original Taranis X9D and the first X-Lite. This controller is awesome, and could have easily been perfect. Except these two things:

First, the 256MB SD card is insulting in it's size and lack of 'brand name' but even more so in the fact that I literally couldn't format it and unzip the newest EdgeTX sound file zip to it. I replaced it with a Sandisk and had no issues. This is a minor issue compared to the next one, but charge me $5 more and get a brand name SD card.

Second, the AG01 Gimbals are flat-out amazingly solid and precisely engineered, and while not 'better' than the X9D, they are definitely worth the extra cost when combined with the Max, which is why it is infuriating that gimbal sticks scratch up the bottom inside edges of the Max case when the stick ends are fully tightened (which is how they came to me from the factory) and moved to the inside-bottom position. When moved to the outside-top position there is a ton of clearance, but at inside bottom, they scratch up the controller housing, and actually can't even reach full throw. The issue is that the controller itself is tapered and much thicker at the inside bottom than the outside top. How did this pass QA? This is a sleek and amazingly engineered/constructed controller that I literally scratched while calibrating the sticks prior to my first flight. I understand this is a radiomaster issue, and not a buddyrc issue, but someone should be putting different spacers on the sticks, or a warning label not to adjust them to the bottom. Literally every person will run into this issue with the stick ends fully seated.

Ronald M.
Best transmitter since my 1976 Kraft Signature

Amazing the new sticks are every bit as good as the Kraft “open gimbal” the feeling of connected is the best I ever felt in over 40 years of RC. The programming is powerful and encourages you to learn more about it. Got the red and love how it looks, the touch screen is very good and quick. Looks and feels very high quality . Decided to get a 2nd identical except blue. Don’t want to have to wait for replacement if lost or broken and price is very good.

J. M.
Great improvement

The Max MKII is a great improvement from my original TX16s. The sliders are not sloppy and have a definite center detent, and the same for the Pots. The raised grips on the back make the radio feel more secure in my hands. I did have to take the back off to be able to set up the ratchet tension for the throttle, but I had to do the same on the AG01 gimbles when I put them in my other radio. That adjustment can not be done from the front, but no big deal, only took about 10 minutes to do it.

I ordered the 4 in 1 version, as I already have a ELRS module to put in the back of the radio. Now I will be able to fly with just about any manufacturers RXs.

All in all, I am really happy with my new radio and I am really looking forward to getting in a lot flying time with it. It is definitely worth the extra money for the Max version with the AG01 gimbles. This has to be one of the best radios on the market today, and it won't break the bank like some of the much more expensive radios out there. If you are wondering if you should buy this radio or a cheaper one, BUY THIS ONE, you won't be sorry.

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Introducing the RadioMaster TX16S Mark II Max Radio Controller - the latest addition to the TX16S series. This powerful radio controller features improved internal circuitry and optimized power supply, making it a reliable and high-performance device.

Bullet Points:

  • New charge circuitry with integrated reverse-polarity protection and optimized charge IC now allows up to 2.2A internal USB-C charge current.
  • Rear mounted audio jack provides a headphone output for easy audio monitoring.
  • V4.0 Gimbal ensures improved centering and temperature stability (Same circuitry as AG01).
  • Optional high/low rear grips are included for improved ergonomics.
  • Improved S1/S2 knobs and LS/RS sliders now feature clear center-detents and smoother feel.
  • Redesigned battery cover offers improved battery access, and the retooled body shell provides better fit and finish.
  • The trainer socket has been changed to a standard TRS 3.5mm socket, and a rear DIY socket has been added for personalized modifications.
  • Improved internal plastics ensure better longevity of the device.
  • Available in both ELRS and 4in1 versions.


  • Size: 287x129x184mm
  • Weight: 750g (without battery)
  • Transmission frequency: 2.400GHz-2.480GHz
  • Transmitter module: Internal 4-in-1 multi-protocol module (CC2500 CYRF6936 A7105 NRF2401) or ExpressLRS (ELRS)
  • Transmitting power: Internal 4-in-1 multi-protocol module: Max 100mw (protocol dependent)
  • Antenna gain: 2db (transmit power adjustable)
  • Working current: 400mA
  • Working voltage: 6.6-8.4v DC
  • Remote control distance: >2km @ 22dbm
  • Radio firmware: EdgeTX (installed by default, touch screen enabled)
  • Module Firmware: Multiprotocol- Module (4IN1) or ExpressLRS (ELRS)
  • Channels: Up to 16 channels (depending on the receiver)
  • Display: 4.3-inch TFT full-color touch display with a resolution of 480 * 272
  • Gimbal: AG01 CNC Hall sensor
  • Module Bay: JR compatible module bay
  • Upgrade method: Supports USB-C online / SD card offline upgrade
  • Compatible with EdgeTX and OpenTX (requires EdgeTX version 2.6.0 or OpenTX version 2.3.15 or later)

Available in 4in1 and ELRS versions 

Here are the tips for you to choose 4in1 or ELRS, reviews by OscarLiang

"If you can’t decide between ELRS and 4in1, I’d probably go for the ELRS version. It’s going to be the major RC protocol in the near future as it’s so powerful and affordable, with a wide range of tiny and inexpensive ELRS receivers available.

One reason to get the 4in1 is if you only want to use other protocols such as Frsky D8/D16, but these are kind of obsolete and slowly phasing out. Or if you are buying an external ELRS module for the radio, then it also makes sense to get the 4in1 as you don’t want to have another ELRS module onboard doing nothing. An external ELRS module might have the advantage of higher maximum output power of up to 1W. But honestly the internal module’s 250mW is plenty for FPV pilots, giving you miles of range in ideal conditions. "

Optional V4.0 Hall Gimbals and AG01 Gimbals


Standard version with V4.0 Hall Gimbals, same chipset as the AG01, optimized hall sensor circuitry, improves center point positioning and temperature stability. Stick travel, self-centering and stick tension are now externally adjustable


AG01 Gimbal is fully CNC milled for ultimate precision with quad ball bearings for a smooth and precise feel. Featuring front-accessible tension and travel adjustment for easy fine-tuning. 


Flat & Raised Grips Included

Both the raised and flat versions of the rear grips are included allowing you to customize the feel of your TX16s MKII right out of the box. 

Built-in dual speakers


External Module Bay

The TX16s natively supports Team Black Sheep MicroTX modules in CRSF mode with LUA scripts. Best of all the TX16s Internal 4-in-1 Multi-protocol module allows you to keep the MicroTX installed and switch between internal RF and Crossfire via software, no more module swapping. 

 Easy Firmware Updates

Upgraded Design

  • Retooled faceplate with improved fit and finish
  • Improved S1/S2 knobs with center detents
  • 4.3” IPS Color Display - The TX16s features a bright and clear 4.3-inch IPS color display for easy and convenient model setup and operation with adjustable brightness to suit all conditions.

  • Improved LS/RS Sliders with smoother feel and better center-detents.

  • New 3.5mm Audio jack - Rear mounted audio jack minimizes RF interference from external modules and adds headphone audio feature.
  • Redesigned battery cover, easier to remove.
  • Rear DIY Socket added for personalized mods.

Radio Overview

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