First Step RC Basher 101 Ready to Run Monster Truck

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I'm still waiting for it when I get it I will review it

Cody S.
Fun truck

I purchased this for my wife. She has a small truck which is slow, and I own an Arrma truck which is too fast for her. This truck is the perfect in between vehicle. It has a long run time, and is fast enough to have fun with.

Purchased 2 at the 2022 Toledo swap

I normally don't do reviews but I feel this truck deserves it. First, I'm an airplane guy but these caught my eye at the 2022Toledo swap so I purchased two for the grandkids. No assembly needed, just charge the batteries and drop in 3 AA's in the transmitter. They look great and appear to be well built. Batteries charged, let's go! One car I had to remove the servo horn, center the servo (trim) and reinstall so that it would steer correctly (this truck was probably built on a Friday around quitting time). The other truck was fine out of the box. I was really surprised how quick these actually go. Fully proportional steering and throttle. After about 15 minutes one of the kids had a front tire fall off. Somehow we found the retaining screw and reinstalled the tire. I also checked all the other tires just to make sure they were all secure. No other issues were found. Kids had a blast and they did have a few unexpected crashes. No damage, no problems other than a few scratches. Battery life was about 30 minutes! I did order two more sets of batteries from the website so they can continue to run and charge at the same time. Very impressed with the value of these entry level RC trucks. I would rate them on a 1-10 scale a solid 9. Fit and finish a 9. Durability a 10. Battery life a 10. Speed a 6. Bang for the buck a 10. I just hope the spare parts will be back in stock because I see these two trucks getting some serious use.

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First Step RC Basher 101 Ready to Run Monster Truck

The First Step RC Basher 101 is ready to bash straight out of the box. It's a 1/14 scale 4WD monster truck that boasts some quick features, such as a polycarbonate painted body and a powerful 380-sized brushed motor that delivers aggressive acceleration and exciting speed. The Basher 101 comes with included 18650 lithium-ion battery cells and a USB charger, making it ready to hit the road anytime, anywhere.

The fully independent suspension of the Basher 101 ensures exceptional off-road handling and control, while the friction shocks dampen the suspension motion. Front and rear nylon gear differentials, ball-bearing on the ring and pinion gears, and a simple and efficient shaft drive provide additional durability and stability, making it built to last.

The Basher 101 packs big and powerful 4-wheel drive off-roader that's quick and versatile for radio-controlled fun. Its purposeful design easily tackles rugged off-road terrain, thanks to its steep approach angle that lets the tires attack large rocks and hills with aggressive climbing action. Smooth, long-travel friction shocks keep the suspension motion in check over rocky terrain and smooths out the landings when coming off of big jumps.

Strength on the trail is assured with proven shaft drive and long-wearing ball bearings. Roosting dirt and slinging gravel are just part of the fun as the fully proportional electronic speed control and powerful motor deliver punchy acceleration and exciting speed. The Basher 101 is built to go the distance and is always ready for your next off-road adventure. The long-range 2.4GHz radio system is always in command.

The Basher 101 is perfect for any age driver or skill level and comes fully assembled, painted, and ready-to-bash with included 18650 lithium-ion battery cells and USB charger. Everything you need is included in the package except for the three AA batteries for the controller. And, you can rest assured knowing that 100% parts availability in the future is guaranteed.

The Basher 101 includes 18650 cell batteries and a convenient USB charger. The chassis is of heavy-duty construction, and a T connector on the ESC/receiver combo allows for a future upgrade to a LiPo battery with some modifications. Everything you need is in the box, except for three AA batteries for the controller.

The Basher 101 stays true to the Basher name with versatile 4-wheel drive off-road performance that takes you places you might not expect. The simple and efficient shaft drive powers tall tires for increased ground clearance and aggressive traction. True 4-wheel independent suspension keeps the tires planted over all different types of terrain, from smooth sidewalks to gravel-bottom creek beds. The Basher 101 fits easily in a backpack. Whether hiking or driving, how far can the Basher 101 take you on your outdoor adventure? It's total driving freedom! Drive the Basher 101 where you want, when you want—the only limit is your imagination.

The 1/14 Basher is fully assembled with a 2.4GHz radio system, painted and decaled body, and easy instructions. The package includes 18650 cell batteries, a USB charger, and everything you need for fun. The 1/14 Basher 101 (#OMP-G171/#OMP-173 or #OMP-G174) is 100% fully assembled and ready-to-bash.

Customer support is backed with proven customer support from BuddyRC. Fast and friendly answers to all your questions are just a phone call or an email away. This RC is fully proportional.

Package Included:

  • Vehicle
  • Transmitter
  • Battery Charger
  • USB Adapter
  • Lithium-ion Battery x2
  • *Requires three AA Batteries for Transmitter

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