Gens Ace 2200mAh 60C 11.1V 3S1P Lipo Battery Pack With Deans Plug

Gens aceSKU: GA-B-60C-2200-3S1P-Deans

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David E.
Gens Ace 2200 3S 60C Lipo

These are my favorite 3S 2200 packs. I use to like 2550-2600 Rhino 50C packs years ago but since I got back into flying I like the lighter weight 2200 60c packs, plenty of power and good flight time in my Extra 300 & Tundra. Good quality for a good price. Not as many Hobby sites as years ago. I'm glad I found BuddyRC, good prices and service.

George R.
Long Time Customer

Never had a problem with my orders form BUDDYRC.

Charlie C.
Excellent. Quality manufactuer.

22mAh and 60C. Wow. Boats fly on water.

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- Stable automatic stacking technology enables single-cell capacities of 2200mAh.
- HIgh discharge rate and high reliability.
- Superior Japan and Korea Lithium Polymer raw materials.

GensAce batteries provide high quality, reliable power for 450 size helicopter, Glider and EPP, FPV.

Gens Ace is one of the top rank battery corporations with deep research and manufacturing on NIMH, LI-PO, LI-FE by the effort of 200 professional engineers and technicians with 20 years exquisite battery technology. The Gens Ace brand holds the traditional concept of "excellent quality", "Optimization"& "Priority" on Sales & Services. All batteries are tailored for various scales of the RC Models such as electronic cars, nitro cars, airplanes, vessels and also other models, toys, electric tools, electric bikes, electric autos, digital products etc.


 Equipped with industry-standard Deans plug, compatible with LiPo balance chargers for 450 size helicopter, Glider, and EPP.

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