Gens Ace Advanced 6800mAh 22.8 V 100C 6S1P HardCase Lipo Battery Pack 61# With EC5 Plug

Gens aceSKU: GA-B-100C-6800-6S1P-EC5-HC61-HV

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Employing over 200 professional engineers and technicians and boasting over 20 years of design excellence, Gens Ace leads the hobby industry in researching and manufacturing NiMH, LiPo, and LiFe batteries. The Gens Ace brand follows principles of quality, efficiency, and accessibility for sales and services, and all batteries are specially tailored for use in RC models and other electronics. 

Gens Ace Advanced 6800mAh 22.8 V 100C 6S1P HardCase Lipo Battery Pack 61# With EC5 Plug

Gens ace Advanced 4.35V HV Series, New generation of RC Smart batteries. The Advanced series design concept is based on being a more convenient, user friendly and safety oriented series of batteries.

We produce the high quality LiHv cells, hard-case, internal circuitry, power indicator lights and other smart features. The first concept of 4.35V high-voltage allows higher energy density and longer battery life. Each cell with 3.8V nominal voltage.


- 4.35V HV
- Hardcase smart battery
- LED power indicator
- Voltage status indicator
- Self-storage mode
- Prevent overcharge
- 8 gauge wire


- Capacity: 6800mAh
- Voltage: 22.8 V / 6S / 6 Cell
- Discharge Rate: 100C
- Weight: 955g
- Size: 165mm x 47mm x68mm (L x W x H)
- Connector Type: EC5



Our Advantage:

1.Your orders will be dispatched via FedEx or USPS from the USA directly. 
2.Fast shipping and excellent local after-sale service guaranteed in the USA. 
3.Service-priority in the online shop, like the long warranty period and the lower price. 
4.Energy Density:Specially adapted to each UAV type and RC car/boat/heli type. Very High according to capacity/weight. In fact, we are specialists in High Power Lipo Batteries. It is our unique technology, the highest power of our battery is 100C. Another technology is our batteries are able to be stably discharged simultaneously.
5.Low IR: Provides stable voltage until the end of your mission.
6.Safety: Gens Ace and its partners fulfill the ISO9001, ISO14001, standards.

Brand: Gens ace
sorting: GensCar
Part Number: GEA68006S10E5
Capacity(mAh): 6800
Voltage(V): 22.8
Configuration: 6S1P
Discharge Rate (C): 100
Connector Type: EC5
Length(±5mm): 165
Width(±2mm): 47
Height(±2mm): 68
Net Weight(±20g): 955
Amount: 20pcs/box
upc: 889551114226
Part N: GA-B-100C-6800-6S1P-EC5-HC61-HV
Discharge Wire Length(mm): 150
Wire Gauge: 8#
Balancer Connector Type: JST-XHR-7P
Balancer Wire Length(mm): 65
Preorder config: No
Manual: Advanced Series Maunel.pdf
over_power: Yes
Over 300wh: NO
is featured product: NO

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