Glacier 30C 6000mAh 4S 14.8V LiPo Battery

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Richard K.

All good as expected.


Everyone I know who owns Glacier batteries speaks very highly of them. I bought two of these to run in series with my newly acquired HSD Super Viper 105mm EDF and have 5 flights with them so far. I also have a pair of Turnigy 4s 6600mah batteries rated at 60C (?). In comparison, flight time is equal and battery performance also compares favorably however, the Glaciers weigh 1 lb less (at 2.5lbs) than the Turnigys (3.5lbs) so, airplane performance is noticeably better with the Glaciers. I'm very happy with my Glaciers so far and plan to buy another pair in the near future however, I will be watching for another sale like I found on Black Friday. :)
As long as the mfg maintains their current level of quality, IMHO, these are top of the line. Glacier is one of the few mfgs who have not fallen into the dishonest marketing hype of the C rating race and I hope they continue be truthful.


Mosabbir K.
High quality Lipo which is worth the money

My cousin bought 2 of these Lipos and an icharger 106b+ on behalf of me.Free shipping- delivered within only two days to Bronx, NY.

Measured internal resistances were...
1st lipo: 2 2 2 1
2nd lipo: 1 1 1 2

On my hexcopter
(D4023 motor & 12x45 CF prop, AUW ~ 3.5kg ),Today I've got around 12 minutes of flight still left some charge to fly around.Battery was only a little warm and performed very very nicely under high current draw which was the main reason for me to buy this battery.Overall I'm very happy.Worth every bucks.

Juan E.J.
Great battery for Multirotor

I got one of this to try on my TBS Discovery with Tarot Gimbal and even tho I have just one flight with it I decided I'm gonna upgrade my 5000 nano-techs to some of these.

This is a hover test:

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. Any selection of other shipping methods, such as UPS Next Day Air, will be downgraded to ground by our shipping department without further notice. The difference in shipping cost will be refunded after your package is dispatched.

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Quality Glacier LiPo batteries are made by a specialized factory that also manufactures packs for well-known premium brands. Glacier batteries are great for sport and 3D pilots as well as competition drivers.

The following characteristics make Glacier batteries stand out from competitor products sold at lower prices from overseas dealers and many name brands sold at higher prices domestically. 

  • Only the highest grade cells are used to assemble Glacier battery packs.
  • Conservative C rating. Glacier 30C and 35C batteries outperform many 40C and 45C batteries in the market.
  • Higher discharge platform, less voltage sag. You will feel more power during high discharge current situations, such as 3D flight.
  • Better temperature control technology. After high-rate discharge, Glacier batteries are cooler than most competitors labeled the same C rating.
  • Longer cycle life.
  • Better quality control. In addition to the manufacturer’s strict QC and QA systems, we check the voltage of every single battery with a capacity greater than 800mAh before we send out your order.


    Discharge Rating (C) 30C
    Capacity (mAh) 6000mAh
    Number of Cell(s) 4
    Dimensions 160 x 47 x 30 mm
    Recommended Charge Rate 12A (2C)
    Fast Charge Rate 30A (5C)
    Balance Connector XH (also called JST-XH, Align type, the most popular type on the market)
    Power Connector EC5
    Net Weight 555g, 20 oz


    Glacier batteries are covered by 90 days limited warranty, handled by Buddy RC at Columbus, Ohio.

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