HEE WING RC F-01 Ultra Delta Wing 690MM EPP RC Airplane Kit


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anthony s.

Really wanted to build a speed wing got that and more. Fast but also very efficient couldn't be happier. Plus buddyrc carries replacement parts for my heewing t-1 which nobody else does.

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This Wing Kit is designed for the HEE WING F-01 Ultra Delta Wing RC Airplane. Its unobstructed convection cabin design ensures the electronic equipment inside the cabin stays cool during operation. The airplane adopts an asymmetric double convex airfoil design, which is suitable for both long-endurance flights and high-speed maneuvering. Equipped with a dedicated base for digital and analog versions, this plane is lightweight but also high strength. The dual-rail cabin design allows for easy adjustment of the center of gravity.


  • Independent detachable lens plug for both FPV and visual observation flights
  • Wings have embedded carbon fiber rods with different angles
  • Small wingspan with large space for electronics
  • Four magnets for better hatch fastening
  • New wingtip design supports vertical take-off mode
  • Supports horizontal and vertical battery mounting
  • Tailored lens ring for better protection
  • All-new propeller locking method
  • Tailored for DJI Digital Air unit


  • Airplane Dimension: Wingspan 690mm, Height: 88mm, Length: 415mm
  • Fuselage space: Battery compartment: 175mm175mm55mm
  • VTX fixed seat: compatible with digital VTX and analog VTX
  • KIT Weight: 150g (epp-30)/190g (epp-20)
  • ESC compartment: 70mm38mm20mm
  • Material: EPP/ABS/Carbon Fiber
  • Max Flight speed: ≥220+km/h
  • Max Endurance: >70 minutes
  • Take off weight: 350g~850g
  • Min Flight speed: <27km/h
  • Thrust: ≥920g(6*4E prop)
  • Propeller: 5x5E/6x4E
  • Max Mileage: >45km
  • Battery: 2S~4S

Note: When speed is ≥100km/h, it's recommended to install the lens cover to prevent excessive inflow air from blowing away from the hatch.

KIT Frame: No electronic parts inside

Included in the package:

  • 1x Hee Wing Ultra Delta Wing EPP Body
  • 1x VTX Fixed Seat
  • 2x Rudder Angle
  • 1x Hardware Kit
  • 2x Tie Rod (+/-)
  • 1x Velcro Tape
  • 1x Lipo Strap
  • 1x 6" Prop
  • 1x 5" Prop
  • 1x Decal

Recommendations (not included):

  • Recommended Power: 2205/2350kv
  • Recommended Battery: 3-4s
  • Recommended ESC: 35A
  • 3S 6inch Biblades / 4S 5inch Biblades
  • 3-4S 1550-2200MAH, 6S 1300-1550MAH

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