Himax CR28161100 Contra Rotating Motor and Propeller Combo

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Himax CR28161100 Contra Rotating Motor and Propeller Combo, with APC10X5E and MPI 9X7R propellers.

Special note: This motor will not run with one ESC! If you want to experiment with other props, you must monitor the current and power.

Himax Brushless motors are manufactured to high standards for the discerning modeler. Designed for lightweight, high efficiency, and durability these Himax Outrunner motors are sure to make today’s radio controlled models perform. Please read the entire operating manual to ensure correct functionality and best performance. The CR2816 series motor is made for small to medium size models weighing 32 to 80 ounces.

High Efficiency - High Power - Lightweight - Equivalent to .25 glow engine.

Weight: 164g, (5.8oz) motor with prop attachments.
Max Power: 350 W, (This is dependent on several factors)
Max Motor RPM: 20,000 RPM
Diameter: 27.8mm, (1.09”)
Length: 65mm, (2.56”)
Shaft Diameter: 4.0mm, (.1575”) front shaft, 9.5mm (.375”) rear shaft
Motor Mounting Holes: 4 holes, 3.5mm through, on 43mm, (1.69”) bolt circle
Maximum Case Temperature: 65oC, (149oF)
KV = 1100, Rm = tba, lo = tba
Efficient Operation Current = 6-16 A per rotor, 20A Max 15 seconds per rotor.
Suggested props: APC 10x5E front prop, custom MX9x7R for rear prop.
Battery 3-cell Lipo that can sustain 35 to 40 amp continuous draw.
ESC: Two Himax 25A or equivalent. Also needs a MPI 2160 or 2460 Y-harness to join the two ESC to throttle channel.
ESC Setting: Cutoff - soft, Brake - disabled, Throttle Type - airplane, fixed endpoints.

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