Lemon Rx 7 Channel Full-Range Telemetry with Diversity Receiver Vario Energy Meter Altitude XT60 Package P-00131

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Lemon RX7 batting 500

I purchaced two from BuddyRC. The first one worked great right out of the box. The second one failed to control all channels. All emails to BuddyRC went unanswered. I sent the defective receiver back with a nasty letter and did receive a new receiver. I guess you have to be proactive to get things done. I still would refer and use BuddyRC. THANKS.

Hello George, I apologize for not being in touch. We stopped using the email account info@buddyrc.com due to the overwhelming amount of spam emails received. For any customer service related inquiries, please reach out to us at support(at)buddyrc.com. We're using (at) instead of @ to avoid internet robots from accessing the account.

Steve M.

Unknown at this time. Haven't been able to fly it yet. But it installed nicely. Would make it better if it had side pins and/or an end pin to side pin adapter.

Ed B.
Easiest telemetry

This was the easiest telemetry setup I have used.

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Introducing the LM0052, the world's smallest telemetry system with built-in sensors and a diversity receiver, featuring a variometer, energy meter, and all major telemetry parameters in one compact package. After almost 2 years of ongoing development since 2016, we are proud to offer this innovative product to RC enthusiasts.

Telemetry Reporting: The LM0052 comes with all necessary sensors and interfaces, including altitude, variometer, energy meter (receiver voltage, battery voltage, mAh consumed, current), temperature (internal automatically selected when the included external temperature probe is not used), RSSI out (3V to 0V), and displayed on transmitter A parameter.

Telemetry Receiver Features: The LM0052 and LM0051U will soon be available for purchase. For (*1), V/I sensor may be required to purchase separately on LM0051U, LM0052U, and LM0041 if mAh consumed/current measurement is required.

RCgroups Discussion: For more information about the LM0052, join the discussion on the Lemon Rx Telemetry thread at http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2266873.

User Manual: For instructions on using the LM0051/LM0052/LM0041, please follow this link: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=29478803&postcount=6. For general instructions on all our products, please visit http://www.lemon-rx.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=7.

Quick Start Guide/Tips: For V/I sensor calibration, refer to section F of the LM0041 user manual. To set up failsafe, follow these steps:

  1. Insert the bind plug
  2. Provide power to the unit and bind it, but do not remove the bind plug
  3. Set your transmitter to the preferred position as failsafe default output and hold it in this position
  4. Press the button briefly to cause the green light to be in the following status. Press the button while maintaining your preferred position of the channel:
    • Green LED status - none: No pulse to servo with the absence of correct reception
    • Green LED status - flashing: Throttle-only preset. Throttle position has been acquired as failsafe default output
    • Green LED status - solid: All-channel preset. All channels' positions have been acquired as failsafe default output
  5. Remove the bind plug
  6. Turn off the transmitter while power is still provided to the receiver. You can now observe the failsafe status when no transmitter signal is present to the receiver.

Specification: Type: Lemon Rx DSMP (DSMX compatible) 7-Channel Full-Range Telemetry with Diversity Receiver (Vario + Energy Meter + Altitude) Number of Channels: 7 Modulation: DSMP (DSMX and DSM2 compatible) Band: 2.4 GHz Dimensions: 44(L) x 24(W) x 15(H) mm Weight: 9.56g Voltage Range: 4.5 - 8.5V


  1. This product is not a Spektrum DSMX or DSM2 product, nor is it a copy of one. The Spektrum, TM1000, AR9020, DSMX, and DSM2 brand is a trademark of Horizon Hobby, Inc.
  2. This product is not an underground black market fake Spektrum product. Lemon Rx quality is guaranteed.
  3. Lemon Rx products are tested to be compatible with Spektrum's DSMX and/or DSM2 products (Spektrum, DSMX, and DSM2 are registered trademarks of Horizon Hobby, Inc.).

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