Micro Connectors 5 Pairs

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Great Value

If not from BuddyRC would not have purchased a generic version of micro-Deans. Figured minimal risk of junky connectors. Just as good as the brand name version. Quality pins and connections. Everything aligns and contacts as they should. The housing withstood an high temp abuse test. No melting, deforming or pins falling out.

5 pairs from BuddyRC for a little more than 1 pair of the brand version. So far, at least for the limited number of connect and disconnect cycles used they are as good as the real deal. No point in wasting $s on brand name connectors.

Like them enough just added another package of connectors to today's order. Never hurts to have a few spares. Especially at this price point.

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This pack contains 5 pairs (10 pieces) of high quality micro plugs at the stated price.

Key Features:

  • The copper plugs are coated with 7u of pure gold, as opposed to cheaper alternatives which have a golden color achieved through acid pickling.
  • The chamfered springs are composed of nickel-plated beryllium copper, a superior material compared to the steel springs typically found in low-quality T plugs. For more information about this material, please refer to Wikipedia.
  • The connectors are constructed with high-grade plastic, which is capable of withstanding higher temperatures than cheaper imitations.

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