OMP Hobby 60" 70E Edge 540 Kevlar Reinforced Balsa 3D Airplane ARF


Color: Yellow
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Tommy T.
Gorgeous plane

This plane arrived in what I would call the best packaging I've ever seen. The covering is flawless. It flies beautifully. It has quickly become my favorite plane.
And, the customer service is exemplary.

Chris L.(.E.
Great plane, So pretty. It is so smooth in the sky.

I ordered this plane last week and got her put together in 2 days even without a manual of any kind. COME on OMP Please publish a manual, at least to tell what all parts should be in the box, I still have some parts left over that I am not sure what there for. Sure glad I had put together a few Extreme flight planes in the past.
This plane is absolutely Gorgeous The green is so bright and colorful.. Everyone that has seen it at my local club has commented on how bright it is. It really shows up on a sunny day and even yesterday on a not so sunny day it was still glowing.
I powered it with a Torque motor and avian 100amp esc, Hitec 7245 servos 16x8 Xoar prop and yesterday I ended up getting a 8.30 min flight using my HRB 4000mah 60C pack.. Still landed at storage voltage. This plane fly's like it is on rails, I am just using a regular AR620 RX with it. I am Extremely Happy with my purchase.
The covering out of the box was nice and tight and not a single wrinkle anywhere unlike other models I have had in the past.
I am considering the 74" Version but at this time the green one is out of stock.
This was my first OMP Plane I had purchased but won't be the last.. Wishing you guys would do a 67" in this Plane.

Anthony D.M.
OMP Hobby 60” 70E Edge 540

It’s a great little airplane, the quality is top notch, she fly like she’s on rails, I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for their first 60” airplane.👍🏻👍🏻

Jose G.
OMP 60”edge 540

Exelent airplane

Murray L.

The fit and finish of this plane is excellent! Thanks to Dan and Eddy for all of their help.


Make sure to select 550KV in the above motor KV drop menu. Other KVs are not recommended for this airplane.

Recommended CG: Carbon spar going through the fuselage


The OMP Hobby Edge 540 is available in both balsa and Kevlar reinforced versions, and features three beautiful paint schemes: Red White Blue, Yellow White Blue, and our signature Green White Black. Each scheme is covered in the amazing Oracover material, which is both durable and vibrant in color. The Edge 540 is a 3D flying beast that can do everything you want it to and more, especially when paired with the recommended SunnySky X4120 motor in 550 KV and 100 amp ESC.

For 3D flying, we recommend using a 16X8 prop and a 4000mAh 6S battery, while for sport flying, we recommend a 15X8 prop and a 5000mAh 6S battery. We also suggest using 24-27 gram metal gear servos, with four needed to complete the ARF version.

However, if 3D flying isn't your thing, don't worry, as this plane also flies exceptionally well as a sport plane.

To get the best performance out of the Edge 540, we recommend using high-quality parts, including a 6S 4000mAh or 6S 5000mAh Glacier or Gens ace battery with a C rating of 45 or higher. Additionally, we suggest using the SunnySky X4120 V3 550KV motor, a 100 amp ESC, and servos that measure 35mm L X 15mm W x 29.2mm H, such as the KST MS859, Savox 1250, MKS hv737, or Hitec 7245.

Factory recommends SunnySky X4120 V3 550KV motor for best agility and power.

100 Amp ESC--

Servos -- 35mm L X 15mm W x 29.2mm H, such as Savox 1250, or MKS hv737, or Hitec 7245.

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