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Steve B.
Zmo pro vtol

The reason I bought this plant to begin with was the fact that you didn’t really have to do much set up to it now as it turns out the new firmware for it, you have to delete all of the existing parameters and put in everything new for me. That really sucks. Also, I bought this plane with the air three camera the mounting bracket for the camera and the two front plates have to be reworked. I’m still waiting on that whatever you guys are going to send me in the mail but so far the service I’m getting from you guys is OK, you got to plan to me very quick that was good and I’ve been talking with Eddie on the phone as far as doing a video with set up on this plane for people like me it will really help. Everybody has to begin somewhere in Hobby and this is my beginning , so yes I know absolutely nothing about the set ups. Feel free to contact me if you wish. Otherwise next week I’ll be giving a call check up on the video if we’re any closer to getting that done and we can go from there. Thanks a lot Steve.

Download Manual


ZMO Pro current firmware  (watch video to install!) 

RadioMaster ELRS TX16S setup files (watch video to install!) 

Tx16S file for companion (watch video to install!)

OMP Hobby ZMO Pro VTOL FPV Airplane

OMP Hobby ZMO Pro vertical take off and landing (VTOL) airplane, great for FPV hobby and professional UAV applications.

In contrast to its predecessor, the Pro version boasts significant enhancements, including an advanced flight controller equipped with a robust processor and additional I/O ports, airspeed input capability, a highly sensitive and precise GPS and compass, and refined algorithms. This version includes compatibility with Mission Planner, offering enhanced capabilities for mission planning and execution.

The aircraft has been assembled and test-flown at the factory.

Pro ARF: including ZMO Frame, flight control, ESCs, motors, propellers, battery, carrying case. A radio transmitter is required to fly, with FPV video system optional.

DJI O3 installed: ARF kit with DJI O3 camera and air unit (video transmitter) installed by Buddy RC, googles/monitor and radio transmitter are not included. Please allow us a couple of working days to complete the installation of DJI unit.

DJI RTF Combo: The ready to fly combo includes ZMO Pro ARF with DJI radio transmitter and goggles. The goggle version may vary depending on availability. Contact our customer service before purchase. This combo is installed and tested at Buddy RC. Please allow a few days for us to finish the installation and test flight jobs.

MK15 RTF Combo: This ready to fly combo includes ZMO Pro ARF  with Siyi HD digital camera, HD video transmitter, and radio transmitter with integrated LCD monitor. This combo is installed and tested by our staff at Buddy RC. Please allow a few days for us to finish the installation and test flight jobs.

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